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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Week 12 Letter

Monday, August 5, 2013
Hey everybody!
Sorry I didn't get a letter to ya'll last week, it was a crazy Monday.  But here I am again today!
I get to stay here in the Acores again this transfer! I am really happy about that. This area has a lot of potential, it just needs a little push and I am doing my best to give it a shove! You've seen pictures by now, so let me explain a little. 
We live in Angra do heroísmo, which translated means "cape of heroism". Pretty awesome name for a city where as missionaries we save peoples souls (Plus it makes it even more like the legend of Zelda... hahaha)! Our city is right on the edge of the island, you can almost always see the ocean. 
Our area covers over a third of the island. We walk all over the place. There are little towns spread all over. We go to Terra-Cha, São Mateus, Posto Santo, a lot of other towns as well. Every town is beautiful, and really interesting in its own way.
The food here is really good. As missionaries we eat a lot of rice and tuna fish, but when members invite us over for meals we get awesome food. They make this stuff you put over rice that is amazing! The capo verdiano people make it the best though, and also make some other really good stuff. At members houses we eat all sorts of things. We had octopus the other night. They have a really good fish they eat here called buck-ul-yow (that’s how you say it, I have no idea how it is spelled...). We tried to deep fat fry some the other week and it was super salty. So we asked a native and they told us you have to soak it in water for 3 days before cooking it... oops...
The island parties for half of the year, and right now a thing called Praia-Fest is going on. Praia is in another area, but two missionaries on our island went home this transfer, so we were in Praia to be with the dying elder's companion until he gets his new one. The whole city and most of the island was in Praia partying all night! It’s not bad partying, it’s something you can take the family to, for the most part at least, but they have live music all night, so until five o clock in the morning our hose was shaking from the music. I took some pics from the balcony I will try to get uploaded sometime this week.
We have another elder lee coming to the island to be district leader. I don’t like the confusion that will bring, but it will be a little bit fun going on divisions with him so its elder lee and elder lee =) Sure wish it were one of you guys though!
I love all of your letters! It only takes a minute to read a letter, so don’t worry about time, I will read it and reply!
Shauna, I expect an email from you before the wedding! And I want a tie from it, so I hope you were planning on that!
Well, I love every one of you a ton! Keep having fun, don’t worry about it being the end of summer, just have as much fun as you can before school is back!
Go swimming for me!
Elder Lee

Answers to your questions - Yeah, let me see if I remember them...
Not transferred, staying in the most beautiful place in the world for now with the same companion.
No more baptisms that you know about. It’s really tough right now but we are really going to work and hopefully have at least five this month!
As far as a camera goes, idk. I really don’t know what to do and don’t have a lot of time to give it any thought soooo... yeah
Same address yay!
And complications last week we just didn’t have any time to email because of weird scheduling with a meeting our volta da ilha took longer than it was supposed to.
My dropbox is full so I can’t upload more pics until I do something about that. I don’t know where I am going to keep all my mission pics. I have a card I guess I can put them on. So I’ll need to move every time I upload my pics from online to my card. But I'll get pics to you. Josué, Rute, and João Pedro are the names of the boys we baptized.   I found Jet a wife he can marry. I will try to get a picture of the little girl this week at church... hahahaha, she is cute too, and they’d be perfect ;)
I think I am making progress in the language. Sometimes I feel like I should know more, but then I just try to work even harder so I can still feel good about myself =) 
It’s weird to think though I have almost been gone for three months now. That is 1/8 of my mission gone. Sometimes seem more fast than others, but I just don’t think about it much.
yup tambem! Have fun and I love you more! We gotta go!

Your little Elder Lee

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