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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Week 18 Letter

Monday, September 23, 2013
How are you all?! It sounds like so much is going on at home! A lot of you are playing instruments now, aren’t you? We are going to have a whole band when I get back! Practice hard, it is so good to know how to play an instrument. Here in the mission, we went 2 whole transfers without anyone in the ward who could play the piano. Now we have a sister who can play and our sacrament meetings are so much better and the spirit is much stronger. I could play if I had time to practice the hymns, but as a missionary there is no time for that at all. I wish I would have learned at least the hymns back home. I can play piano alright, but I just can't sit down and play a hymn. So I suggest that you all practice your instruments really well. When you are old like me you'll be glad you did. 
Anyways, things here in the Cove of Heroism are pretty great. I have a new companion, Elder Tucci from Australia. He has an Australian accent for sure, but it isn’t super thick. He does say some funny things though. Even better than his Australian accent though is his India accent. It is so good! So funny... I never put it together that King Julian has an Indian accent until Elder Tucci showed me his Indian accent, and then adjusted it just a bit to be an honest to goodness King Julian accent. It is so funny! He makes me laugh a ton, and he is a good hard worker, so I think it will be a great transfer. 
It is starting to change seasons a bit. Getting windy, and a bit chillier. I didn't have any time to grab a jacket or coat out of my other suitcase to bring here to the island when I first came, so I am a little bit worried... The only thing I have is a cardigan that some old elder left in our house, and let me tell you, it is going to have to get dang cold before I resort to wearing that thing...
Things are changing with the work. We can’t and haven’t talked to those three boys in a long time now. We don’t know what is going on with Eduardo. He didn't show up to a lesson, and then didn't show up to play soccer with us, and he has never missed either. I think his mom cut him off from everything. We are going to try and call him today to show our love and support, but things look bad. He still has 3 years before he can make the decision on his own to be baptized, so I just hope he keeps the flame of his testimony burning bright. 
Well, there are a lot of good things happening here. The hardest thing is getting people to be home when they say they will be to visit them. We walk at least over 10 miles every day getting failed compromisso after failed compromisso (I don’t know what that is in English really. Commitment? I don’t know. Basically just a time to come back to teach). In our conference yesterday they told us that the ratio from contacts to baptisms was at least 312 to 1. So, we are talking to a lot of people trying to find someone who will progress. We have faith and we aren't desanimado.
I love you all so much. Keep doing fun things and telling me about them. I love hearing from you all so much. I can't wait to talk to you at Christmas time!!!!
Com muito amor e suavidade, ;P
Elder Lee 
Thanks for the letter. Things here are so good. Elder Tucci and I are going to have a great transfer. It was hard going dry last transfer for baptisms, but I heard a quote yesterday at zone conference I really, really liked. 'Não é importante quanto que tu batizas, mas quem batizas.' I'll translate it from Portuguese, 'It's not how many you baptize, it's who you baptize.'
Our purpose is to baptize, so as missionaries we definitely want to do that. But I know that the Lord sent me here for a reason and if I do everything I need to do I will fulfill my responsibility.
This work is so awesome. I love it. I am scared to already be in my third transfer. I don’t want it to go so fast.
Ok. I need to go. I love you dad. It is really weird to think of you having a cell phone. What kind of phone is it?
Anyways, Love you!
Your son, Elder Lee
I didn’t email yesterday because I was on Sao Miguel island for a zone conference all of yesterday, but now I’m back home sweet home. Well, you know. Kind of home =)  We fly to the island. I have flown so much since I’ve come on the mission. I’ve been on at least 10 planes. I'll write Shane. I always make sure to reply to anyone individually who writes me individually. I think it is so awesome Koli is playing trombone!!!!  Usually it the plane is one with propellers, so that is cool. It is a commercial plane though, not some sketchy little thing. It is only a 30 min flight once you are in the air. To Portugal it’s a few hours. it is a thousand plus miles away... Our Pres is always there. My comp and I did lesson practices with him at the conference and did an awesome job, and also got some good advice, so that was good =)

My new comp is awesome, I love him a ton. He does speak with an Australian accent, but not in Portuguese. It sounds like most suitcases were left untouched, just ones with real valuables had things stolen, so I will probably be good. 
It is getting a bit colder here, I’ll write more about that in my family letter. 
I was just telling Elder Tucci our adoption story! I am filled with so much joy to hear that those 2 are being adopted, I never really knew if that was really happening. It is such a miracle for those kids. I want to do something that has to do with helping kids for a living. I don’t know. What do you think?
Well, we don’t have investigators that are progressing. honestly, it sucks. But, no worries, that’s the mission. We will find people.
Alright, I am probably going to get going. I love you mom, tell all of the kids how much I love them. Man I miss them all so much. I can’t wait to talk at Christmas. 
Ok, I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Lee

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