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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Week 14 Letter

Monday, August 20, 2013
Well, you are all in one of my favorite places in the world right now and won't get this letter for a little while, but I’m gunna write it anyways! 

Things here are good. We just had a zone conference yesterday (which is why I am writing this letter on Tuesday) and I am really excited to apply the things we learned. Things with our branch have been really tough. Some of the members have a big problem with contention, and to make things worse the president was giving a little bit of faca over the pulpit this last Sunday to specific people, so there were some offended people needless to say. Anyways, so there were some arguments, not huge ones, but arguments nonetheless going on Sunday. So our branch is struggling, and we as the missionaries in the ward have really been thinking hard and sweating a lot over the branch. We didn't know what to do. 

However, we had interviews with the President, so in my interview I asked him how as one missionary I could help the branch become a branch of Zion, and I got some direction that really eased my stress and made my pathway clear. He said a lot, but one line he said in particular sums it up. He said: "Don't split your time. Baptize." He told me to find and baptize people that didn't care if there was hypocrisy in the branch, didn't care how lousy church was, but just wanted the blessings of exaltation. I was so happy to hear this. So, we are not going to worry about the members too much, we are just going to do our job as missionaries and baptize. Really I already thought that this was how it should be, but President definitely confirmed it.

The language is good. Not great, but definitely better every day. I can understand people who talk clearly like they do on the continent; unfortunately those people are few on the islands... People here talk slurred and only say about half the sounds, so all of the words blend together and it is still really hard to understand. It is really hard sometimes, but it is exciting to see my growth in the language. I can read the scriptures just fine, write and speak well; I just need to work on understanding. 

Things with Fernando are hard right now, but we are fasting with him on Saturday and Sunday this week, and I know that will help. We weren't able to talk to him this last week very much, but we will get things done. 

Anyways, hope you all are having a great time at the lake; you probably are actually home now if you are reading this, so I hope you all had an amazing time. I love you all so much, and miss you all a lot!
Love you all!

Elder Lee

Mom, as far as the camera goes, I will get it either way. I doubt I will leave after this transfer so you could send it to my house address. However, if you send it to the mission office, I will get it eventually as well because people need to make a trip to the continent for some things and they could bring it back to me. idk. 

Also, idk if I have told you this, but I only live out of one suitcase here, because you can only bring one suitcase to the islands, and apparently the place in the church and mission office where they keep suitcases got robbed. A ton of stuff was stolen out of the suitcases, so I may be missing things. idk. I had basketball shoes in there, a suit, my nice jersey, pants, shirts, and other stuff. I don’t remember everything. So I don’t know if anything of mine got stolen buts odds are they did. Sister Fluckiger said missing things would be replaced, but I have no idea how that is going to work. It is a mess, but I can’t do anything about it right now. 
Anyways, I love, you, have a great week! 
Alright, well, I think it would just be better to send the package here to the island. Are you going to send the tie with it? I saw all the ties in the wedding pics, they looked good! You did a great job with that, you definitely deserve this vacation! Anyways, I love you, and will talk to you later!


I love Tony's pictures.  It is such a beautiful place.  This has been added to my bucket list.

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