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Friday, November 22, 2013

Week 26 Letter

Monday, November 18, 2013

How are you all?! Everyone getting buckled in for the winter? It is starting to get cold here now. We have to wear a sweater every day, and at night it really drops even more so we usually use a sweater and a coat. It doesn't get down below freezing here, but the humidity makes is a different kind of cold. I might have to get gloves, and possibly a scarf. 

This week was an awesome week. The sad news is that Ernesto did not end up getting baptized on Sunday; however he is remarked for this Sunday. I think he can be ready for this Sunday. He just wants to be really sure. We explained to him that it really is a step of faith, but that though the Book of Mormon he can receive an answer from God. So, he is going to be more diligent about reading and praying. 

Some of the awesome things that happened... We received a reference from a member (one of my first on the mission) for a Brazilian lady who is a friend of hers. She is awesome. She has a lot of struggles in her life right now, but she is has a firm faith in God and wants to be closer to Him, and really knows that we can help her with that. We want to mark her for not this Sunday but the one after that. 

Yesterday was a day of miracles. To start off, we were 11 lessons behind our weekly goal, but we were determined to get those 11 lessons all in one day. Well, we just kept finding person after person who let us talk with them, teach them, and pray with them. Usually it is really difficult and takes a lot of time to find one person. But we just found one after the other, after the other, after the other. We prayed together after each one, thanking Heavenly Father for his help.

At one point in the day we had 5 or 6 lessons. We were headed towards a predio (a big apartment building) that we wanted to try and knock. Well, these predios (said 'pray-dee-oh) are all locked, but every once in a while you find one open. Well, we felt like we needed to knock this one, but it was locked. We started to walk away, but then say a lady get out of her car, look at us, and then use her key to get into the predio. We were sad, because if we would have stayed we thought she might have let us in. But then, she was standing on the inside of the predio, door locked, looking still looking at us through the glass door, as if to make sure we didn’t try to get in the predio. We started to walk away again, thinking it was a bit odd, but then decided, what the heck; we'll give it a shot. Well, we went back, and the lady let us in. We told her who we were and what we do, and it turned out that she was SUPER elect, so ready to hear our message. Long awesome story short, she introduced us to her daughter and her daughter also is so ready. 

That day we ended up teaching all the 11 lessons we needed, and finding so many awesome people. There is more to the story of that lady, Marcia and her daughter, Rafaela, but I have to go now, we need to hurry and get to our Branch President's house. 

Love you all so much!!

Elder Lee 

Week 25 Letter

Monday, November 11, 2013

This week was an excellent week! A lot happened, and I don't have much time, so I am just going to jump in.

The highlight of the week was the baptism of Mayara and Suely. It was so great! Both Elder Moore and I got to wear the whites and perform a baptism, so that was really cool as well. Their mom who was baptized in May gave the talk on baptism, and it was awesome, she did so well. We made 2 cakes for the baptism the night before too, so we had the baptism and then ate cake together after Paixão (the mom) fed us Cashupa. It was a really special day for the family, because now they are all baptized! The feeling of completing the family was so amazing, I can't express it. 

Also this week we marked Ernesto, a man from Cabo Verde with something like 27 years, for baptism for this Sunday. It might still be a bit of a struggle to make it happen, but I really think he can make it. He just needs to continue to feel the spirit as he keeps commitments we give him and he will be ready. Keep him in his prayers and he will get there. 

Just like the Elder in your ward, I got to speak in Sacrament this Sunday about gratitude. I used the story where Jesus feeds the 4 thousand with fish and bread, and pointed out that in Matthew 15:36 it says that Jesus gave thanks for the bread before he gave it to his disciples to distribute. Gratitude preceded the miracle. So I talked about that principle. The talk went well, but there was one funny part... To say bread in Portuguese you say 'pão'. The plural of pão is 'pães'. To say 'parent' in Portuguese you say 'pai' and the plural of that is 'pais'. So the plural of bread 'pães' and the plural of parent 'pais' sound almost identical. However, the symbol ~ over the 'a' means the sound is nasalized. Well, when I said 'pães' I didn't nasalize it very well so I ended up saying that the people were eating parents... I think only a few members noticed... 

I can't believe I almost have 6 months on the mission. In 4 days I will hit that mark. It is crazy how fast the time goes, even if it seems to go slow for all of you back home. It just is a good reminder to me to keep working hard. 

We got a Christmas tree from a Chinese shop for really cheap and set it up in our house. It feels really, really good to have it in our house, a good spirit comes with Christmas. I couldn't imagine not having one, and there wasn't one in the house, so we got one. It is kind of fun to think that I beat you to it mom ;)

Well, I don't have much more time. I love you all. Keep working hard. The Lord needs member missionaries just like he needs full time missionaries, so look for opportunities, and pray for specific  opportunities as well. We are all in this together!

I love you all, keep up that good work!

Elder Lee 

Week 24 Letter

Tuesday, November 5 2013
How is everybody doing? I saw some pictures of snow, and it actually made me want a little bit of snow here! The weather is still pretty fair here, we usually don’t even need sweaters.
The new area is awesome. I still miss the island a lot, but this area really is fantastic, and seems to be a bit more ideal for missionary work. We marked two people for baptism this week! They are part of a
part-member Cabo Verdean family. The mom, Paixão, is a member, the youngest daughter with 10 years, Yana, is also a member, but Mayara with 15 years and Sueli with 19 years are both non-members. A lot of missionaries for a long time have tried to work with Mayara and Sueli, but they never wanted to be baptized, they have always wanted to stay Catholic.
However, we had an awesome lesson with them. I read them some verses from Mosiah 4, verses 8-10 I think, and told them that they needed to search to do the things they believed to be true. I knew Sueli had a testimony of the book of Mormon. I felt like she just had some fear for being baptized. So I read those scriptures, and then asked her what was stopping her from being baptized. She didn't really answer, so at that point, the Spirit of discernment really helped me. I simply asked, 'are you afraid?' and she answered that yes, this whole time she has been afraid of baptism because of what it would do to her relationship with her friends who are all Catholic. So I read her a few scriptures about that, and told her she never had to be afraid to do what was right, that the Lord would always be with her, her light in the wilderness. Then, we invited them to be baptized, and they both accepted. So, this week we will have 2 baptisms!
We are also working with a man named Ernesto, and he seems to be very close to accepting a date. Last time we tried marking him he didn't want to make a solid date, but we got him to church, and I think the next time we see him he might be ready. We'll see.
Something super awesome about this new area is that I am in the same district as an Elder from the MTC, Elder Zaccaria, who was like my brother, so we get to see each other a bunch, and one day we will do divisions together. It is so good to be with him again, I was really hoping I would get to serve close to him on the mission.
Anyways, here's a fun little story for you all. They have these peppers here in Portugal called Piri piris. They use them to make a spice that they cook hot food with. Well, I heard that the record on the mission was eating 5 of them and waiting 2 minutes to drink milk or anything. So, I decided I was going to break that, and Elder Zaccaria wanted to do it with me. We ate 6 Piri-piris and went for 3 minutes without anything. It was SO HOT! It was so ridiculously hot, it just burned. I took it alright, but Elder Zaccaria was so funny! He was sweating profusely, and involuntarily crying. It was pretty great. At the end of 3 minutes we devoured 2 cartons of ice cream together, and after that it was still burning. Word is already starting to
spread that there is a new record, so I think I may do a whole 10 to give my record some cushion... I don't know, I may have to train for that a bit.
Anyways, all is well with me, I hope all is well with you. I look forward to Christmas, we are already going to start decorating our house here a little bit to get into the spirit. I love you all, and can't wait to see your faces over the computer.  Hugs and kisses to you all!

Elder Lee

Hey mom, are you awake?
Sorry I am emailing on the wrong day again, we just can't get a break... yesterday when we were going to do email we ended up helping some people move a couch, and then after that we had to go find a washing machine because we have been living without one for over a week... Anyways, how are you?
Good of Becca...  Glad she’s doing well.  I don’t have a lot of time.. Anyways, do you know if Ali ever found my coat? I might be dreaming, but I swear I had it and now it just bothers me not knowing if it is real or not. hmm. I don’t know when I will get more drop box pics up, hopefully soon.
Is it snowing right now? Boy, I feel lucky... it’s just a little cloudy right now, but not even sweater worthy. hahaha... How is little Koli doing? I miss him so much man! Tell him I say hi
Well love you, have to go.


Week 23 Letter

Tuesday, October 29, 2013
How are you all!?
I had one of the most emotional weeks of my life this last week. I had to pack my bag and leave home all over again. We received transfer calls on Sunday, and I was told that I would be leaving my favorite place in the world. It was so hard. I can't even begin to describe how heartbroken I was, and honestly still am. 

After church that day I had to say my goodbyes. There were a lot of tears shed by both the members and I. That branch became my family away from home; I love the members there so much, each one. I held it together alright until I started to talk to Josúe, the youth I baptized, and then the tears came. It was so hard to leave my new converts. I had put so much into them, and I just hope with my entire soul that they continue in the way of the gospel. I don't doubt that they will. They are strong, and the Lord loves them so much. I have so much confidence in them.

Well, I had had to leave it all. I don't really want to talk more about that. I left early Monday morning to catch a flight to the Continent to head towards Cascais, Oeiras, my new area. I am getting pretty accustomed to flying... I have been on 12 planes since being in Portugal... pretty crazy. It was a good little flight, just a few hours. Anyways, I get to the airport, and just my luck, nobody there. Well, I mean, it was packed with a million people, but none who were waiting for a cute, lost, and culture shocked little missionary X-P

So, I looked around for a little bit, and then went outside where I have been picked up by them before. I waited there for a while, but nobody showed up. So, I went and found a payphone, luckily had some change, and called the only number I had memorized: my old area's phone. I talked to Elder Tucci, my now former companion, and he told me he would call the Office for me. So I hung up and called him back in a few minutes to get the information. He told me they were on the way, and to wait outside where I had been before. 

Well, 45 minutes later I got picked up by an old friend Elder West and another Elder. I got taked back to the office where things were pretty crazy due to transfers and a Zone Leader Conference that was to take place the next day (today). Apparently my companion was stuck without money unable to get to the office, but I didn't know that until late that night. I ended up having to sleep 30 minutes away in a place called Odivelas. I went back to the office early this morning. My situation still wasn't figured out, so I went and did some work. Finally, around 4 o clock, I got a ride out to my area and met my companion, Elder Moore. Elder Moore is from England. He has bright red hair with a real Euro style cut, hahaha, it is cool. He has over a year on the mission, and I think he will be a really good worker.

Man, coming from the islands, if I had to choose a place to be outside of them, this would be it. Cascais is BEAUTIFUL. I have seen other parts of Portugal, and they aren't all this beautiful. I really have been so blessed in my areas so far! This area is amazing. I am running out of time, so I can't give an excellent description, plus I still have only been here a few hours, so I don't really know it all. The chapel is gorgeous. It is a small mansion house, not a normal chapel... it has a pool (I don't think they use it due to safety reasons, right now it has a decking cover over it), a beautiful deck on the third floor as well, and 2 pianos. It is awesome. I will send a pic of the entry room, it is crazy.

Well, I don't have a ton of time left, I should get going. I am excited for the work here. I love my companion already. This will be a great transfer. I need to do some recuperating from leaving my island still, but I hope it gets easier through the transfer. I am so grateful for the time I had there. The Lord is blessing me so much.

Anyways, I love you all!

Elder Lee

And this is where he is now.

 It is mainland Portugal, close to Lisbon, the capital. Right on the coast. An amazingly beautiful area. A lot of tourist traffic. I still haven;\'t seen a lot of it, but what I have seen has been absolutely amazing. It would be a lot sweeter if I didn't still have Angra in the back of my mind though =/

I'll explain more in the family letter. I'm just 30 minutes or so from the office. My comp is Elder Moore from England. Read head. Right now out of 4 companions I have had 2 foreigners and two read heads, its pretty cool.  I left 2 investigators that will get baptized in the next 2 weeks and I am really sad to miss that =(

I saw the pics of the kids. I friggin miss you guys!  Are all of the pics I had one there backed up? even the most recent folder? I am going to buy an external hard drive. I am already out of space on my sd cards, and I will need one eventually anyways. I don't want to have to mess with it and limit the pictures I take. 

I am emailing from the chapel, which is actually like a little mansion house. It is incredible, you will get pics.

It is colder here than it was on the islands. I should have had a sweater on in the pic. It was chilly. Not as chilly as where you are, just cold. Tucci stayed. He will baptize Adylson, a cabo verdeano, and andré probably in the next 2 weeks. Adylson will be baptized this week almost for certain. I havent bought shoes still, but I will do that. I still have no word on money for my things.
My heart hurts so bad. I get stomachaches thinking about the Island. I am going to come back after the mission. I have to. I will see the new temple when it is completed. I have to, I am helping build it right now.
Okay, I am going to wrap up. I love you. I left a few pics in dropbox for you, but don't worry about putting them on the hard drive just yet, because I will add some later.
Elder Lee

Mwah! (the sound of a big kiss)