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Friday, November 22, 2013

Week 24 Letter

Tuesday, November 5 2013
How is everybody doing? I saw some pictures of snow, and it actually made me want a little bit of snow here! The weather is still pretty fair here, we usually don’t even need sweaters.
The new area is awesome. I still miss the island a lot, but this area really is fantastic, and seems to be a bit more ideal for missionary work. We marked two people for baptism this week! They are part of a
part-member Cabo Verdean family. The mom, Paix√£o, is a member, the youngest daughter with 10 years, Yana, is also a member, but Mayara with 15 years and Sueli with 19 years are both non-members. A lot of missionaries for a long time have tried to work with Mayara and Sueli, but they never wanted to be baptized, they have always wanted to stay Catholic.
However, we had an awesome lesson with them. I read them some verses from Mosiah 4, verses 8-10 I think, and told them that they needed to search to do the things they believed to be true. I knew Sueli had a testimony of the book of Mormon. I felt like she just had some fear for being baptized. So I read those scriptures, and then asked her what was stopping her from being baptized. She didn't really answer, so at that point, the Spirit of discernment really helped me. I simply asked, 'are you afraid?' and she answered that yes, this whole time she has been afraid of baptism because of what it would do to her relationship with her friends who are all Catholic. So I read her a few scriptures about that, and told her she never had to be afraid to do what was right, that the Lord would always be with her, her light in the wilderness. Then, we invited them to be baptized, and they both accepted. So, this week we will have 2 baptisms!
We are also working with a man named Ernesto, and he seems to be very close to accepting a date. Last time we tried marking him he didn't want to make a solid date, but we got him to church, and I think the next time we see him he might be ready. We'll see.
Something super awesome about this new area is that I am in the same district as an Elder from the MTC, Elder Zaccaria, who was like my brother, so we get to see each other a bunch, and one day we will do divisions together. It is so good to be with him again, I was really hoping I would get to serve close to him on the mission.
Anyways, here's a fun little story for you all. They have these peppers here in Portugal called Piri piris. They use them to make a spice that they cook hot food with. Well, I heard that the record on the mission was eating 5 of them and waiting 2 minutes to drink milk or anything. So, I decided I was going to break that, and Elder Zaccaria wanted to do it with me. We ate 6 Piri-piris and went for 3 minutes without anything. It was SO HOT! It was so ridiculously hot, it just burned. I took it alright, but Elder Zaccaria was so funny! He was sweating profusely, and involuntarily crying. It was pretty great. At the end of 3 minutes we devoured 2 cartons of ice cream together, and after that it was still burning. Word is already starting to
spread that there is a new record, so I think I may do a whole 10 to give my record some cushion... I don't know, I may have to train for that a bit.
Anyways, all is well with me, I hope all is well with you. I look forward to Christmas, we are already going to start decorating our house here a little bit to get into the spirit. I love you all, and can't wait to see your faces over the computer.  Hugs and kisses to you all!

Elder Lee

Hey mom, are you awake?
Sorry I am emailing on the wrong day again, we just can't get a break... yesterday when we were going to do email we ended up helping some people move a couch, and then after that we had to go find a washing machine because we have been living without one for over a week... Anyways, how are you?
Good of Becca...  Glad she’s doing well.  I don’t have a lot of time.. Anyways, do you know if Ali ever found my coat? I might be dreaming, but I swear I had it and now it just bothers me not knowing if it is real or not. hmm. I don’t know when I will get more drop box pics up, hopefully soon.
Is it snowing right now? Boy, I feel lucky... it’s just a little cloudy right now, but not even sweater worthy. hahaha... How is little Koli doing? I miss him so much man! Tell him I say hi
Well love you, have to go.


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