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Friday, November 22, 2013

Week 23 Letter

Tuesday, October 29, 2013
How are you all!?
I had one of the most emotional weeks of my life this last week. I had to pack my bag and leave home all over again. We received transfer calls on Sunday, and I was told that I would be leaving my favorite place in the world. It was so hard. I can't even begin to describe how heartbroken I was, and honestly still am. 

After church that day I had to say my goodbyes. There were a lot of tears shed by both the members and I. That branch became my family away from home; I love the members there so much, each one. I held it together alright until I started to talk to Josúe, the youth I baptized, and then the tears came. It was so hard to leave my new converts. I had put so much into them, and I just hope with my entire soul that they continue in the way of the gospel. I don't doubt that they will. They are strong, and the Lord loves them so much. I have so much confidence in them.

Well, I had had to leave it all. I don't really want to talk more about that. I left early Monday morning to catch a flight to the Continent to head towards Cascais, Oeiras, my new area. I am getting pretty accustomed to flying... I have been on 12 planes since being in Portugal... pretty crazy. It was a good little flight, just a few hours. Anyways, I get to the airport, and just my luck, nobody there. Well, I mean, it was packed with a million people, but none who were waiting for a cute, lost, and culture shocked little missionary X-P

So, I looked around for a little bit, and then went outside where I have been picked up by them before. I waited there for a while, but nobody showed up. So, I went and found a payphone, luckily had some change, and called the only number I had memorized: my old area's phone. I talked to Elder Tucci, my now former companion, and he told me he would call the Office for me. So I hung up and called him back in a few minutes to get the information. He told me they were on the way, and to wait outside where I had been before. 

Well, 45 minutes later I got picked up by an old friend Elder West and another Elder. I got taked back to the office where things were pretty crazy due to transfers and a Zone Leader Conference that was to take place the next day (today). Apparently my companion was stuck without money unable to get to the office, but I didn't know that until late that night. I ended up having to sleep 30 minutes away in a place called Odivelas. I went back to the office early this morning. My situation still wasn't figured out, so I went and did some work. Finally, around 4 o clock, I got a ride out to my area and met my companion, Elder Moore. Elder Moore is from England. He has bright red hair with a real Euro style cut, hahaha, it is cool. He has over a year on the mission, and I think he will be a really good worker.

Man, coming from the islands, if I had to choose a place to be outside of them, this would be it. Cascais is BEAUTIFUL. I have seen other parts of Portugal, and they aren't all this beautiful. I really have been so blessed in my areas so far! This area is amazing. I am running out of time, so I can't give an excellent description, plus I still have only been here a few hours, so I don't really know it all. The chapel is gorgeous. It is a small mansion house, not a normal chapel... it has a pool (I don't think they use it due to safety reasons, right now it has a decking cover over it), a beautiful deck on the third floor as well, and 2 pianos. It is awesome. I will send a pic of the entry room, it is crazy.

Well, I don't have a ton of time left, I should get going. I am excited for the work here. I love my companion already. This will be a great transfer. I need to do some recuperating from leaving my island still, but I hope it gets easier through the transfer. I am so grateful for the time I had there. The Lord is blessing me so much.

Anyways, I love you all!

Elder Lee

And this is where he is now.

 It is mainland Portugal, close to Lisbon, the capital. Right on the coast. An amazingly beautiful area. A lot of tourist traffic. I still haven;\'t seen a lot of it, but what I have seen has been absolutely amazing. It would be a lot sweeter if I didn't still have Angra in the back of my mind though =/

I'll explain more in the family letter. I'm just 30 minutes or so from the office. My comp is Elder Moore from England. Read head. Right now out of 4 companions I have had 2 foreigners and two read heads, its pretty cool.  I left 2 investigators that will get baptized in the next 2 weeks and I am really sad to miss that =(

I saw the pics of the kids. I friggin miss you guys!  Are all of the pics I had one there backed up? even the most recent folder? I am going to buy an external hard drive. I am already out of space on my sd cards, and I will need one eventually anyways. I don't want to have to mess with it and limit the pictures I take. 

I am emailing from the chapel, which is actually like a little mansion house. It is incredible, you will get pics.

It is colder here than it was on the islands. I should have had a sweater on in the pic. It was chilly. Not as chilly as where you are, just cold. Tucci stayed. He will baptize Adylson, a cabo verdeano, and andré probably in the next 2 weeks. Adylson will be baptized this week almost for certain. I havent bought shoes still, but I will do that. I still have no word on money for my things.
My heart hurts so bad. I get stomachaches thinking about the Island. I am going to come back after the mission. I have to. I will see the new temple when it is completed. I have to, I am helping build it right now.
Okay, I am going to wrap up. I love you. I left a few pics in dropbox for you, but don't worry about putting them on the hard drive just yet, because I will add some later.
Elder Lee

Mwah! (the sound of a big kiss)

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