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Friday, November 22, 2013

Week 19 Letter

Monday, September 30, 2013
I don't have much time at all right now, but I am uploading pics right now, so that will be good. 

How are all of you? How is school? I hope you are all having fun, and learning to play your instruments too for all of you kids who are up to that. 

Things here are good. We may have found somebody to baptize! His name is Vitor Jesus, and he has been talking with missionaries on and off for something like 15 years. Elder Jacobson and I had been teaching him for a while, but then he left to São Miguel and we lost contact. I think something finally clicked with him, because he called us up the other day saying he finally new that our church is true. He wants to be baptized. He has a smoking problem, but he has already stopped drinking recently, and has cut down to only 10 cigarettes a day. Pray for him, and for us, because he could really use the blessings of the gospel in his life. 

Quick funny story for all of you. Early this morning I woke up in the middle of the night. I didn't know why. Sometimes it is hard to sleep at night with some of the stress of the missionary life. Anyways, so I am laying in my bed, wide awake, trying to go back to sleep, when all the sudden, I hear a voice come from the bed of Elder Tucci. He asked me, 'I'm going to take a shower, do you mind?' I had no idea what he was talking about, and thought maybe it was later than I thought. But I was still pretty sure it was early, so I was like, 'What?' After a second he replied, 'Tão bom' which basically means, OK. At that point I figured he probably wasn't awake, so I asked, 'Elder, what time is it?' He reached up behind his head, still asleep really, and grabbed his watch. He turned on the watch light and answered '4:15'. I think after that he finally really woke up, and I started laughing pretty good. We kind of had a weird conversation and then went back to sleep. It was weird. When I first woke up in the morning I wasn't sure it had actually happened. 

Anyways, I need to get going. But I love you all, and hope you all have a great week. Have fun at Bud's house, it sounds like it will be a great weekend!

Love you all!

Elder Lee 

Hi mom!
Sorry it is early again =(  because my companion is from Australia they are ahead of time quite a bit, so he likes to do email around this time =/ But how are you!?  I'm great. The weather here is taking a turn too...

Which reminds me. I made the trip to the continent this week to renew my visa, and it turns out I did get robbed, hardcore. My basketball shoes, my ronaldo jersey, my shoes I bought for the winter, all gone. I'm so angry about it man, its hard not to be. I'm going to have to work on it but man I hate stealing.
Will I get any money back for it? Right now, I don't know. Honestly, they made it sound doubtful. I don't understand why I wouldn't get anything back. The church made me leave it in their care and then they let it get stolen... we'll see. I have to write an email today to a guy telling him what I had stolen and the condition. Blah. I don't even have the dudes email with me so I am going to have to go back to the house and then come all the way back. Frustrating. Oh well =) I don't think there was anything else stolen. I couldn't remember anything I had in that suitcase. I didnt even realize that my winter shoes were missing until I got back to the Azores. I hadnt seen my bag for 24 weeks.  So... my mom is getting sucked into texting... hahaha  That will be interesting.

My companion is from Melbourne (I think that's what it is anyways) I think aside from Sydney its the other big one. I'm not sure though. I swear, in Portugal there only exist like 15 names, and Fernando is one of them. I wonder if Brazil is the same way. idk. 

Man, Shane didn't email me again this week. How is he doing? He sounds busy but man it also sounds like he is having a lot of fun. He says there isn't anything happening in the world of girls but that's just baloney... that's what class time is for ;P

We will watch conference in our chapel. We are ahead of course so we will watch 1 session on Saturday I think, and then the other 5 (priesthood included) on Sunday. It will be a good rest for my legs.  How is little Jet doing? Any good stories? Will he start school after I get home, or have 1 more year?  I hope one more year.  

Well, I have to go.  I love you.  Kiss and hug the kids for me.

Love my boy!

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