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Friday, November 22, 2013

Week 21 Letter

Tuesday Night, October 15, 2013
Hey mom! I sure hope you didn’t call the mission office. We went to the library at the end of Pday yesterday but the computers didn’t have internet. Entao, I will try to get permission to email maybe tomorrow. Don’t worry; we just didn’t have computers to use. Send me a message to let me know you got this one. Ok?

Love you! 
Elder Lee
Okay minha mãe. Até amanha. Provavelmente vai ser na manha muito cedo para ti. 
Okay my mom. Until tomorrow. It will probably be early in the morning for you. 

Amo-te Muito!

Elder Lee

Wednesday, October 16 2013

How is everybody!?

I really have next to no time to write this letter, but I am going to do my best. 

Things here are good. We are now starting to feel fall for real. More rain, and the nights are getting colder. I am sad summer really is over, but it will come around I guess. Plus, I am excited for the Christmas season. I am curious where I will be when that time comes around. 

Fernando dropped us the other day, and that was pretty sad. Now we really are down to just one progressing investigator. Her name is Elvira, and she is really nice, but I am not sure if she understands what we are trying to get across just yet. 

Well, I am thankful for all of your prayers. I love you all, and will email you again in just a few days now. 

Elder Lee

Hey mom! 

I don’t have a lot of time, probably less than 30 minutes =/ but how are you?  I’m great great. Hungry. hahaha

I still haven’t heard back about whether or not I will get money back. My shoes are super torn up man, and whenever it rains my feet get soaked, so I need a new pair and was wondering if I would get reimbursed for the stolen items, because I really want to buy those same shoes I had. Idk what shipping will be, I will have to ship them to the office probably, but the shoes online are like 55 bucks.  I can buy some here, but no guarantees on how long they will last. I already know those other ones will last a long, long time.  If you shipped something to the mission office, zone leaders go to conference and bring things back. But don’t worry about shipping the shoes. The online site will ship to Portugal I think, they have a Europe section, so maybe I can ship them. 

I need to go though, proselyting time is about to start.

Love you,

Elder Lee

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