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Elder Anthony Scott Lee

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Week 39 Letter

Monday, February 17, 2014

How are you all? I am great. I feel like there isn't a whole lot I can write this week, but I will try. 

This week we marked Paula's daughter, Sara, for baptism for the 1st of March. She is really excited. The only thing that could be a problem is that Paula is schizophrenic, so sometimes that becomes a struggle. She has ups and downs, but everything will be alright. 

We are teaching 2 african girls named Ana and Vanha. They are both from Cabo Verde, are neighbors, and have heard the 1st lesson. They will read the book of Mormon and pray. We are excited for them. They work a lot though, so we can only usually talk to them once or twice a week. Hopefully we can get them baptized by the end of the transfer. 

I am already running out of things to say. I watched your video kids, and it was really funny. We will have to make some more movies when I get back =)

Miracles happen ever day on the mission. It is so amazing. I can't believe time is passing so fast. I take advantage of every day though, so no regrets.

I love you all, and hope you all have an awesome week. I look forward to reading some letters from you kids!

Love you all!

Elder Lee

Hey Mom,
Nice job on your VT.  Man, I wish visiting teaching and home teaching were done here. We had a sister get up to give a testimony yesterday and she yelled at all the men for not going home teaching. It was really bad and out of place. The branch president had to get up at the end of the meeting to fix things. The members here in Portugal still have a lot to learn, but the church is really young here, so its not going to be perfect for a while. 
I am north and slightly east of lisbon. it is overcast, but not raining.  I am in Povoa de Santa Iria, 40 minutes away from lisbon by train. Much closer to lisbon than porto. 

Love you tons!!!!! Have a great week mommy!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 37 Letter (forgot to post this one)

Monday, February 3, 2014

How are you all doing?! I am doing great! We had a good week. A challenging week, but a good one all the same. Right now we are trying to find people who will let us teach more than just a lesson in the door on the first contact. Right now we only have a couple, and it is a little bit rough seeing as teaching is one of my favorite parts of the mission. But we will find more people.

Paula is doing well. Her new baptism date is this week. She had a rough time last week, and became a little bit discouraged. However, she is back on track. She only smoked 2 cigarettes yesterday. We will visit her tonight and make sure everything is running smoothly for her still. Thanks for all of the prayers in her behalf, she is thankful as well. 

We experienced a cool miracle this week. We were knocking doors (we have been doing a ton of that lately...) and found a woman named Felicidade, or translated, Hapiness. She had talked to the missionaries once in the past, but never had seen or talked to them again. We ended up randomly (you know, 'randomly'...) knocking one her door, and she let us in right away, and let us teach her the first lesson. She is really cool. Also really catholic, but hopefully we can help her out with that. We will visit her tonight. 

Our area is small... really small. It reminds me a little bit of the island, because there is not really anything in it as far as industrialization goes. No big stores, restaurants, or businesses. Just poor little neighborhoods of apartment buildings. Most everything is one grey color, and a lot of the people are the same way. I love it here in Póvoa though. Life is really simple, and the people are all straightforward and honest. We'll splash some gospel color into this place. 

Thank you all for the Christmas package! I am loving it, and so is Elder Richmond. I also got a Christmas package from the Stokes that had an awesome little origami nativity in it. It is fantastic. I need their email so that I can thank them and say hi!

I love you all, thank you for your prayers and support! I love you all!

Elder Lee

PS Levi, I was looking at your pictures, and you look so big!!!! Keep being awesome

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Week 38 Letter

Monday, February 10, 2014

Okay, I don't have any time really right now... I have a little Indian man speaking a mix of his language and Português pushing me out of his internet cafe right now...

Good things:
PUALA WAS BAPTIZED! It was the hardest baptism of my mission thus far, and the process isn't over, but she is now an official member of the church with the gift of the Holy Ghost. She is off the smokes and coffee, and will stay like that.

I am loving the mission.

My body wash smells like chocolate and I got it on sale.

Rough things:
I am doing a whitewash all over again... and my area got cut in half. Before, are area had two neighborhoods. For three weeks we have worked in Forte da Casa, and this is where we found all of our new investigators. We never touched the other neighborhood, called Vila Longa. However, some sisters got emergency transferred out of there area and into Forte da Casa where we had been working. Now we just have Vila Longa, and are starting all of our work all over, giving all of our investigators and work to the Sisters. It is tough. 

My umbrella was torn to shreds

I hit my head on a metal box and have a goose-egg

I got stabbed by a cactus that didn't look pokey.

Additional Good thing that only makes sense after the Rough Things:
The work in our new area is going well.

I have some good pictures of a bloody head and torn up umbrella.

Things I am only telling you because of peer pressure from my Companion:
Elder Richmond is really 'trendy' and made me dress up in some of his clothes in attempt to make me as much as Justin Beiber as possible. I will send a pic of the result.

There you have it. I love you all.

Elder Lee

Wow mom, good email. Today I have 10 minutes top. It has been crazy. Still have plenty of candy. I have gotten used to not eating any candy so now a little sugar goes a long way. It is so good though! American stuff is the best. No Envelope. Elder Zaccaria flew home last week. He called me on the phone a couple nights ago to tell me, and we both cried together. It is really really hard. We were always doing this together as brothers, and now he is home. He must be having a hard time. We are moving on quickly though. He will email me every week and be at my homecoming. No letter yet.

Love you.