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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Week 38 Letter

Monday, February 10, 2014

Okay, I don't have any time really right now... I have a little Indian man speaking a mix of his language and Português pushing me out of his internet cafe right now...

Good things:
PUALA WAS BAPTIZED! It was the hardest baptism of my mission thus far, and the process isn't over, but she is now an official member of the church with the gift of the Holy Ghost. She is off the smokes and coffee, and will stay like that.

I am loving the mission.

My body wash smells like chocolate and I got it on sale.

Rough things:
I am doing a whitewash all over again... and my area got cut in half. Before, are area had two neighborhoods. For three weeks we have worked in Forte da Casa, and this is where we found all of our new investigators. We never touched the other neighborhood, called Vila Longa. However, some sisters got emergency transferred out of there area and into Forte da Casa where we had been working. Now we just have Vila Longa, and are starting all of our work all over, giving all of our investigators and work to the Sisters. It is tough. 

My umbrella was torn to shreds

I hit my head on a metal box and have a goose-egg

I got stabbed by a cactus that didn't look pokey.

Additional Good thing that only makes sense after the Rough Things:
The work in our new area is going well.

I have some good pictures of a bloody head and torn up umbrella.

Things I am only telling you because of peer pressure from my Companion:
Elder Richmond is really 'trendy' and made me dress up in some of his clothes in attempt to make me as much as Justin Beiber as possible. I will send a pic of the result.

There you have it. I love you all.

Elder Lee

Wow mom, good email. Today I have 10 minutes top. It has been crazy. Still have plenty of candy. I have gotten used to not eating any candy so now a little sugar goes a long way. It is so good though! American stuff is the best. No Envelope. Elder Zaccaria flew home last week. He called me on the phone a couple nights ago to tell me, and we both cried together. It is really really hard. We were always doing this together as brothers, and now he is home. He must be having a hard time. We are moving on quickly though. He will email me every week and be at my homecoming. No letter yet.

Love you.

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