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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Week 36 Letter

Monday, January 27, 2014


Hey everybody! How are you all? I have been great, and hope that all of you have been too. 

It has been a long, long, week, but in a good way. To start off, halfway through the week we got a call from President Fluckiger telling us he was on the way to our house and needed us to be there ASAP. So we ran up the hill to our house just in time to see president pulling up to the curb. He told us he had a little surprise for us, and out popped Elder Richmond from the car, the newest member of our companionship. His companion had hurt his foot seriously, and was going to spend time helping out in the office, so President placed Elder Richmond with us here in Póvoa. We were a little worried about having a companionship of three; we had all heard bad things about it. But so far, it has been amazing. I am really blessed to have 2 very hard working companions. We work really well together. We are finding a ton of potential and new investigators, we just need to get them progressing and get them to church. Pray that we can do that if you would. 

Despite the fact that we have been flying blind, we have been flying a good course. We talked to the one investigator a few times who we had left to us from the last Elders who were here, and we marked her for baptism this Saturday. However, she is still quitting smoking, so everybody pray really hard for Paula. She needs it. We are excited. We will talk to her tonight.

There is some really sad news going on as well though. Elder Zaccaria, my great MTC brother is having a real challenge. He has been battling back problems the entire mission, and last transfer started the process of figuring out what is wrong with it. He went to the hospital several times last transfer when we were in the same district, got MRI's, and has been waiting on results. The results came back a little while ago, with unfortunate results. So, they sent the results to the church's medical guy in Germany who has been in contact with the hospital here in Portugal, president Fluckiger, and other back experts there in Germany. The back is a real problem, and Elder Zaccaria wants to do anything possible to stay out here on the mission. Surgery is required, but they are trying to decide if it can wait until after the mission or not. If he needs surgery, he will be going home, and staying home for some time. He may or may not be allowed to come back out to Portugal if he leaves with the back situation he has. Anyways, he called me last night to tell me this, really devastated, really upset, and worried. Tonight we will fast for him, but I ask you all to include Elder Zaccaria in your prayers. It would sure mean a lot to him. He loves his mission.

Well, I am doing great. I am happy. I am angry that the Seahawks are going to the superb owl. But I still hope they win. I am actually equally excited to see what happens between Portugal and America when they play in the world cup this year. A lot of people already talk about it. 

I love you all, have a great week!

Elder Lee

Hey Mom,
How are you?  My companion Elder Richmond is from Utah.  Our branch is small.  There were about 30 in church yesterday. We had lunch with some cool members. The ward doesn’t seem too cool with missionaries, but they are nice. They just aren't the 'make you feel a part of the family' type yet. We'll see what happens.  I will use my family picture card right after pulling the Justin Beiber card. =P  People usually respond well to one or the other.

I am in Lisbon right now. We had to get elder Augusto a visa interview here in Lisbon. I was in the office and they checked to see if I had a package, but they said I didn't. But they have packages organized by area, so it is quite possibly in the box of Cascais instead of Póvoa, but because the office elders were just so great they didn’t check that for me and wouldn’t allow me to check it. So, my package could potentially be a little lost again. It will know after zone conference probably which is this week.  I am emailing from a place called Worton. It’s a tech store with an internet cafe. A little pricy.
I am in Lisbon just today. I will be back in my area by 630

I have to go.  Hugs and kisses to you.  I love you.

Elder Lee

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