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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Week 33 Letter

Monday, January 6, 2014

How is everybody doing?! I am doing great. I don't have a lot of time this week, the Elders from Oeiras are here and they need a turn on the computers as well.  How was New Year’s? I hope you all ate an extra Taco just for me. I have some serious longings for a taco now that I thought about them... but you can't get all of the ingredients for a proper taco, so I guess I will just have to wait. 

Some exciting things are happening here. Bemvindo, the one who gave me African clothes, is marked for baptism this Sunday. His mom still needs to give him permission though, so please pray for that. Also, an investigator named Natalina is getting close to baptism. We will try to mark her for this Sunday as well. 

It has been really cold lately, or at least I thought I had. However, the weather report on my LDS missionary portal says that it has been in the sixties every day, so apparently it hasn't been as cold as I thought. Hahaha, looks like I am still living the good life ;P

I hope I get to start hearing from all of you kids! I miss you guys a lot! You are all growing up so much, it is crazy! Keep up all of the good work you are doing, and keep strong with your missionary efforts. Our family is an Amulek family. 

Love you all, sorry for the short letter!
Elder Lee

I’m pretty good. You?

I am having a slightly hard time with my wardrobe... I tore my pants really good yesterday, and the new shoes I bought are already starting to show bad signs of wear, and are giving me huge blisters on the very back of my foot. 

Other than that though, things are great. We had 8 in church yesterday.
Yeah. Bemvindo is marked for this Sunday, and Natalina we want to get marked for this Sunday as well. 

Don’t worry about pants and shoes. I will figure it out. I freaking hate spending money though, especially now that I am not making any...
I haven't heard anything about my stolen stuff. I emailed him again a couple weeks ago and he never replied. Really, really frustrating.  I'd rather not let you get to him... hahaha... Not much new, no. I mean, yeah, there is, but, it is hard to relate. Transfers come up soon, and a lot of things could change in our little district. It will be exciting.  
I think the real wait is on the church insurance. He sends it in and then waits for them to get back to him. We will see in a while. Hopefully I get at least some back. I would really like to buy some soccer jerseys while I am here; they make a really good lembran├ža. I don't know a way to say that in English. It is like souvenir, but more like something that reminds you of something. I don’t know. But they aren’t the cheapest things in the world. If I go north, I can buy some really good replicas for cheap. But if not, I might have to spend a bit more.
Gotta go now mom. I love you. If you need anything, I will jump back on after the other guys finish emailing so you can send me anything you need. 

Love you!  Elder Lee

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