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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Week 31 Letter

Monday, December 23, 2013


Merry Christmas! I will get to tell you in person on Christmas day, but all the same, I hope you are having a great Christmas season. Glad to hear you are enjoying the pictures. I was really glad it got there okay. 

I'll be honest; this may be a slightly lousy letter... We don't have much time, and hey, I will cover everything else in a couple days! I hope nobody is too sad about the package not getting here, really, no problem. I am super excited to open up my Pjs the night before, and then Christmas day I will get to talk to all of you! Also, a really cool part about this Christmas is that the other two Elders in our district will be spending Christmas in our area, which means my brother Elder Zaccaria from the MTC will be with us too. We never imagined we would ever even get to serve close to each other, much less spend Christmas together, so that is pretty awesome. 

I made a big batch of Grandma Lee's super-secret home-made hot chocolate (She finally spilled the beans; I knew she couldn't resist telling me. I played the little missionary card, she didn't stand a chance.)  and drank a glass both yesterday and today, and I should have enough for both Christmas Eve and Day! So, in a sense, I am still getting a taste of home this Christmas. Home tastes great!

Well, that is it for now. We will talk really soon. I hope you guys have an awesome Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. Have fun opening all of you presents. My favorite part was seeing all of you open the presents that I got for you. I will miss that a little bit, but this Christmas I think will be really special =)

I love you all. Keep Christ in Christmas. Até Logo!

Elder Lee

I already bought an external hard drive, and just finished backing up all of my pics. I didn’t have enough space on all of my memory cards. I take a lot of pics =) Sorry I haven’t uploaded in a while.. I will get on that if I get time. 
Also, I had to buy some shoes to play soccer in, and luckily I got those one sale for 25€

Okay, so looks like you are busy. I will probably be skyping home on Christmas at 8 o clock pm here, noon your time I think. My phone number here is 918101336 if you need to call me. Don’t worry about the package. The system sucks here. They definitely didn’t leave a notice in my box, we check it every day, and it is just by the door out of our predio. Don’t worry; I am just really excited to talk to you guys!

Mom, I am not getting you as a friend still. However, just talked with President Binns, and I might do it at his house. He already has a laptop with a camera, so don’t worry. We can try Skype first, Gmail after, and if worse comes to worse, and we can use Facebook. 

I need to go save souls however, so, just don’t worry about it, don’t be scared, and have faith. 

Ether 12:29-30 

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