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Monday, January 13, 2014

Week 34 Letter

Monday, January 13, 2014

Hey everybody! How was your week? I hope it was awesome. My week was incredible as usual. One week on the mission really is so much of everything. It is hard to explain. But you kids will understand one day =)

The highlight of this week was Bemvindo. He was baptized yesterday, but it wasn't just his baptism that highlighted the week, it was also just getting to teach him and spend time with his family. His little brother Junior is so fun; he has such an amazing sense of humor for his age of just eleven. I will see if I can upload a funny little video of him. But yeah, it was great with those two and their cousin Filomena who lives with them. As I think I have already told a couple of you, this week Bemvindo, Junior, Elder Moore and I all went out for a little bit and collected sea mussels together, took them back to the house, and cooked them all up for Filomena, their mom, uncle, and grandma. They also had some little crabs they cooked up and these little fish things that you just pick apart and eat without cooking... I really enjoyed them, because I am getting quite the taste for seafood. Elder Moore didn't like them at all. The only part I though was a little weird was the head. I had to try it though. You just crunch it right off, chew it up, and swallow. It was weird, but not too bad. 

The baptism yesterday was awesome. Bemvindo didn't want to choose between Elder Moore and me to baptize him, he is so sweet. Just so thoughtful, soft, and mature. Basically the opposite of his little brother Junior... Anyways, we had set up for someone else to do the baptism. Well, church ended, and it turned out that something happened with the member who was going to do the baptism and they couldn't make it. So we talked to Bemvindo and told him that he needed to choose again. He told us he didn't want to choose between us, so we explained that one of us could do the baptism and the other would confer him a member this coming Sunday, and he didn't need to be afraid of hurting feelings, because we were his brother and the important thing was him getting baptized. So, he chose me to baptize and Elder Moore to do the conferring next week. I was happy to do it, but because of the confusion with the member, I didn't have any of the clothing or a towel to use afterwards. I ended up finding a pair of too-big pants that I wore, and then just used my underclothes and shirt, and decided I was just going to have to go wet after the baptism. But I didn't think about the fact that I would have to stand in front of everybody to speak on the Holy Ghost afterwards. Plus to add to the problem, when Bemvindo went under, he didn't go very easy so I kind of had to force him down before I pulled him back up which involved me getting even more wet. 

Long story short I ended up wearing Elder Moore's white shirt over my wet underclothes. He wore his coat and buttoned it almost to the chin so that you couldn't tell that he wasn't wearing a white shirt at all...

Lesson learned. Always bring backup clothes just in case. Check.

Well, I look forward to hearing from you guys again next week. Sorry dad I didn't respond personally to your letter, but I was short on time. Please don't stop writing me for that =P

Love you!

Elder Lee

I am happy to say that bemvindos (Beng-veendoo is how you say his name) baptism did go through! We weren't able to get in touch with natalina before Sunday though because of her work schedule, but we will get on that this week and hopefully have another baptism on Sunday  He is from Guinea Bissau and Natalina is from the Cabo Verde islands.  I ate some funny things this week... we also collected some muscles (like 30) and ate all of those with bemvindo, junior, and filomena's family.  I LOVE shrimp. That was at the house of Bemvindo. His brother in the picture is Junior, who is already baptized. They live also with their cousin, Filomena (a she, and its pronounced fee-low-may-nuh) who is a member as well. They are an awesome family. We are going to try and baptized the mom, but she is not really into it. She loves us, but isn’t wanting our message.  Junior is sooooo funny man... I will upload pics. But my dropbox says it’s full so I can’t.  Hey, so I am going to get off right now, we are going to meet up with the elders from Oeiras, but I should be getting back on for a bit more later today. Love you!

PS did I already ask you about my highlighters? Did you send those? Did you send them in an envelope or with the package? I need those as soon as I can get them.

PPS If you can figure out how to get my dropbox memory cleared up I can upload pics when I come back. I don’t have a ton but I have some.

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