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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Week 32 Letter

Monday, December 30, 2013

How's it going everybody? How was Christmas? It was really fun talking with you all. You all look so grown up! (Especially Cameron... fogo!) We can do it again in just five months =) 

My Christmas was good. I ate a lot of fish. A tradition here for Christmas is to eat bacalhau, the most popular fish here it Portugal. They make it in a casserole that is similar to cheesy potatoes. It is actually really, really good. So we ate a bunch of that. Also, like I might have explained on webcam, we ate what they call beef on rocks. You cook up a bunch of little stake strips on granite rocks with little flamed under them, just all right there at the dinner table. So that was really cool too, and really tasty. 

We ate Christmas Eve dinner with the Faias family, a really, really nice family. At the end of dinner they surprised us with a present each, which was super nice of them. They gave us both a scarf, because she is always lecturing us on how we need to dress warmer. It is really comfy =) Also, the son and his wife got us a little gift each too. They gave me a cool like clock that stands on a spring, and it actually reminded me of a trampoline spring and made me miss the trampoline a bit. Anyways, I will attach a photo of us with their family. 

Right now we have a lot of investigators with real potential, they just need to keep the commitments and they will get there. One named Bem-vindo is from Guinea Bissau in Africa. For Christmas he gave me traditional clothes from Guinea, which is really awesome, because they are super expensive outside of Africa, and a lot of missionaries want them. I will send a picture of that too. Or maybe I will upload to drop box. Not sure. Anyways, we will try to mark him for baptism early this week. 

Well, it's about time for me to get out of here. I hope you all have an awesome new year’s. We have a dinner appointment that night, so I am excited for that =) I love you all, and hope you all finish your holidays strong with a lot of fun!

Hugs and Kisses and those kind of things, 

Elder Lee

I’m great. Bought some new shoes today. Hopefully they do me well. Tired?  Things are good. We had a really disappointing show of investigators at church though. That’s one of the roughest parts of the mission. Investigators not keeping commitments.  I did look at the Christmas Letter.   I looked at it on in apple computer in an electronics shop when I was buying shoes =) It was good.  I am at the chapel now. Yeah, I can get on dropbox. Why? Do you have new pics?  I saw all the pics, they were really cute. I sure missed you guys on Christmas. It was kind of weird talking to you though in all honesty. It’s like connecting back to an old life.  I think I will get to Skype on mother’s day actually.  January 20th is transfers. I will probably stay, but who knows. I already have two here, it is possible that I leave. What day is Levi's B-day this month?  So, you have Direct TV now.  Direct TV is really good now, isn’t it? Do you guys get a lot of crazy channels? Any HD? Other perks? I miss Koli a ton actually. I am glad he is doing well.   Hey, do you have all of my dropbox stuff backed up? I need to delete some so I can upload right now. And when I try to delete some of your folders that I don’t need any more it tells me I don’t have the permission to do that because they are shared or something. Know anything about that?   I didn’t know we had a projector! Blu-ray players are sick, but you do have to have actual Blu-ray DVDs to get the full effect. But redbox does do Blu-ray don’t they? If he just waits a bit soon it will be much more digital. 
I delete my photos to you, and then try to permanently delete them by hitting the garbage can icon which 'shows deleted files' and then it tells me I don’t have the permission to 'purge' the files. hmm. Maybe if I just leave them deleted for a bit they will purge themselves. 
Don’t worry about the package.  I will watch for it again.  I can leave my tree up if you want.  I can be the only kid on the block with a Christmas package in January or February.  Well, I love you.
Hugs and Kisses to the family,

Elder Tony Lee

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