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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Week 35 Letter

Monday, January 20, 2014

How is it going? I want to apologize for not having emailed all of you back... this computer is really slow. The computer sits on a pair of
pedals, and you have to pedal crazy Flintstone style to get it to do
anything... Okay, that was an exaggeration.

I left Cascais. It was unexpected. My last Sunday was a good one though. Bemvindo received the Holy Ghost. I passed the sacrament with a recent convert we have been working with. Suely, one of the girls we baptized gave a talk about arriving closer to the Savior in our lives.  It was awesome. I already miss Bemvindo's family a ton though.

My new area is called PĆ³voa de Santa Iria. It is kind of close to Lisbon, but still kind of out in the middle of nowhere. Our entire district of four elders is whitewashing the area, which means this is
all our first day in this area together. We all live together in a four Elder house, and we are literally just exploring an area we know nothing about. It is really fun =) I am training, kind of. I am finishing the training of an Elder Augusto in his 2nd transfer now, but he is just waiting on his visa to go to his mission in the states. He is going to Caleb's mission in San Diego. He is from Portugal, but
speaks decent English.

It will be a crazy transfer. Training on top of whitewashing.  Whitewashing is rare, but an entire district whitewash is really rare with President Fluckinger. We have all been told by a lot of people that this area is a really tough one, and hasn't had much success for a while. It is a challenge I am ready to take.

I like hearing about you guys watching those movies we made. That's one of the first things we'll do when we meet back up. But before that we all have a lot of work to do. It sounds like there is a lot going on in your stake with missionary work. Members really need help here, but in all fairness the church is all first and maybe second generation here. It is very young. We as missionaries are doing everything we can to prepare for the temple here. We have a lot of work to do. The temple will be 10 times bigger than the one in Madrid, and will have a temple hotel, family history center, and some sort of MTC. Just for the temple they need 600 available workers, which means we need to baptize a lot of Melchezedek Priesthood holders. Pray for the Portugal Lisbon Temple. Portugal is the lighthouse of Europe (as stated in the dedicatory prayer of the mission, which was done by then Elder Monson), and a temple would make that lighthouse so much brighter.

I love you all, and will do better writing you next week if we can find computers that were made sometime after the 90's.

Hugs and kisses!  Elder Lee

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