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Monday, July 28, 2014

Week 61 Letter

Monday, July 28, 2014

Another awesome week! How are you all doing? I am fantastic. Yesterday we ended the week strong with the baptism of Romeu and his sister, Ana. It was so awesome. They are still so excited. With them it has been miracle after miracle and nothing less. So awesome. I think next we have a shot with their dad and stepmom, but we'll see. 

This week was crazy busy. We had a division with the zone leaders on Friday, which was also the day they did the baptismal interviews for Romeu and Ana. The day of the division was super-hot. I was with an Elder called Elder Domingos from Angola in Africa. I knew it was hot when he was dying in the sun... 

I'm trying to think of more I can tell you... Work work work! Bragança is growing, but it hasn't been easy. There are still big problems with the branch. I hate having to worry that my recent converts might hear things they shouldn't or get involved in it all because of other members. Blah. They'll be alright, they have testimonies. 

Looking ahead now, we still have a few investigators with potential. Tania has been reading the book of Mormon, but it has been really hard to get a hold of her because she has been going out of town to help her family on the farm. Portugal is covered in tiny little villages called 'aldeias' where things are still really old and traditional. And they are always leaving town to go take care of the aldeias! Especially on the weekends, which means they can't arrive in church. My companion has arrived at the conclusion that we need to go arson the aldeias surrounding Bragança so the people don't have a reason to not be here to come to church. I think I am going to wait a bit longer before taking that idea as a necessity. 

Today we are going to go play futebol again with some of my favorite people in Bragança, the neighborhood youth. They are so funny. I'm going to miss them when I have to leave, and they have already planned ways to get me to stay. One of them involves finding me a girlfriend here in Bragança so I choose to stay with her. Hahaha, yeah, they aren't going to have any success with that one... 

Well, I am going to go now. I really don't know what more to write. It is so weird. But I've already tried to explain why and you guys already get it. Some other missionaries send me the letters they send home and I can happily say that my letters aren't the longest, but they sure aren't the shortest. I think that title goes to Chappy... hahaha

Well, I sure love ya'll. Have an awesome week. Love your letters and support. Pray that I don't get skin cancer. 

Love you! 
Elder Lee

Funny quote of the week,

Me- We want to do a prayer with you sir. What can we include for you in the prayer?
Random man on the street- I don't need anything.
Me- If God were in front of you right now, what would you ask of Him?
Random man on the street- Give me less age and more health!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Week 60 Letter

Monday, July 21, 2014

Hey, I am a little bit behind because I was watching the videos you sent... you guys are so awesome! I'm not going to lie, I was blown away by how different you all are... holy cow! I can't let my comp or anyone else see this video because you girls are getting so pretty! And Danny, you look like a man! Jet is talking like crazy, even though 50% of what I heard was, ''I don't know'' Don't worry Jet, I it is hard to talk to a camera. Shane, obrigado pela informação... é tão bom saber que eu sei mais do que mãe. Espero que ela não tente a traduzir isto... mas não disse nada importante. Tens um sotaque fixe man. Estranho. Mas fixe.

Well, things here are crazy. Things about the work are changing, because I am changing how I do my part of the work. It is a good thing. This week should be pretty crazy as well... We are going to try to end the week with a few baptisms. Man! So much is happening it is so hard to explain... 

We found a super awesome kid named Romeu (Row-may-oh) playing futebol a week ago (thank heavens our mission president opened up soccer on p-day again) who is going to be baptized this weekend. Also, his sister Ana should be following him into the water the same day. He has 16 years and she has 14. They are super cool. Miracle after miracle has happened with this which is another big testimony booster for me that the Lord knows who he wants in His church and when he wants them there. Really, everything that has happened with Romeu and his sister has been a miracle. There baptismal papers are already signed by the parents and everything. I would like to explain it all, but it is too much. Ask me in a few months. 

Also looking at the weekend, Carla could possibly be baptized. She needs to do her part though. Until now she hasn't done it, and that's always one of the hardest things to see, because no matter what we say, she is the only one can do the work to receive an answer from God.

I spent some time today watching a bunch of the bible videos of Jesus Christ. I love my Savior. I know the actor isn't really Jesus, but he did an amazing job, and thus (Shane, is there any other way better to say 'assim' in English than 'thus' in English? I want to say, ''Ele fez muito bom, e assim eu consegui imaginar...) I was able to imagine how the Savior taught with such clarity and simplicity. He really was the perfect teacher. I want to be a teacher like Him.

Well, I already need to finish up. Keep having an awesome summer. It has been getting up to 47º C which is around 115º F if I am not wrong. Just think of me in a shirt and tie while you go about all your cool water activities... XP

Love you all, have fun and be safe.

Elder Lee

I’m going to try and remember to include something funny at the end of every letter that I heard during the week. This week is the following:

Me- Do you believe in God?

Old Portuguese man- No. Thank God I'm atheist.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Week 59 Letter - lots of pictures

Monday, July 14, 2014

Hey there everyone! How are you all? How is the summer going? How was your birthday Katie? I was thinking of you! I can't believe you are getting so old! Everyone is getting old but me! ;P

This week was fast. Both good things and bad things happened. Paulo still isn't baptized. His mom and dad's divorce will end this week, but the mom will still be living in the house until she finds a new one. And as long as she is in the house the dad doesn't want Paulo to be baptized for fear of what the mom will do. We've tried everything with him, but he really just wants to wait. I read in a talk recently that when somebody is feeling the spirit, and wants to be baptized, if we don't baptize them then they will lose the spirit. It can't stay with them. That's why we are pushing to get him baptized. It's tough. Pray for him please.

Another difficulty, Tania didn't come to church yesterday so she can't be baptized this next Saturday as planned. We will try to do it Sunday after church, but she has also been really hard to get a hold of. She still needs to be taught the commandments, and time is running out before the end of the week.

Carla, however, who is marked for the 26th was in church. She is doing well. She has a bit of a rebelled personality. That doesn't really explain it well though. She isn't mean, she is a really good girl, but she hasn't been accepting the lessons well. She challenges almost everything we teach... haha... In that same talk I referenced before it talks about how teaching should be a last resort for a missionary. That if somebody feels the spirit bearing witness that the missionaries are disciples of Jesus Christ, they will readily accept everything they say. I am working on being a missionary that has the spirit so strongly with me that those people the Lord has prepared accept me as a representative of Him. Instead of our focus trying to be teaching her as much as we can to try and clear her doubts, we should be testifying inviting the spirit to do the same. Then she won't question those feelings. Being the most effective missionary I can be is hard work!

The north of Portugal is really struggling, and this week we are having a special leadership meeting with president. It is going to be pretty rough I think... I'm glad we have been working hard and getting things done. 

Well, I need to wrap things up. I hope that all of you are well. I sure love you all. I think and draw upon things I have learned from each and every one of you daily in this great work. I pray for you all. Keep up the good work, and ask yourself, ‘‘what can I do to help speed up the work?''

Love you!

Elder Lee

PS I am looking forward to a more pleasant American food experience than what happened with the jarred ''hot dogs'' last week. I bought marshmallows, and then some Português cookie/crackers called Bolacha Marias, and some chocolate. I am going to try and whip up some s'mores. Or, the Portuguese version: s'mais'eshttps://mail.google.com/mail/e/330

PPS  Attached is a pic of a brave Portuguese knight riding into his castle on his noble steed... 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Week 58 Letter

Monday, July 7, 2014

Well, how are you all doing?! I am doing great. Luckily the expected actually happened this time, and I stayed here in Bragança. My pattern of transfers in areas continues... I had 3 in the first area, and then 2 in the next, and then 1, and then 2, so here in Bragança I should have 3. If the Lord is really working by that pattern that is... hahaha, I think I've got Him figured. 

This week was great. A lot of good things are happening. First off, this week we marked Tania. At least, I am pretty sure it was this week... Anyways, we taught her the first lesson, and marked her for the 19th. She is really religiously aware, very sure about her own beliefs, follows the Catholic Church, but only the parts she likes about it. She has a decent knowledge of the bible. She liked the first lesson a lot. She is pretty serious about trying to know for herself if our message is true. All in all, it is a perfect set up for her to receive an answer. Just pray that she reads and prays.

This week we also had a division with the zone leaders here in Bragança. It was awesome. I went with an Elder named Elder Beckstrand, who is really funny. Our zone has been having a lot of problems with baptizing, we only baptized 5 in the entire zone and 3 were from our area, so they wanted to see what we were doing that was bringing success. Not going to lie, I was a little bit nervous... So we went to work, and Elder Beckstrand and I had a really cool miracle. We were in a contact with a woman, who wasn't showing a lot of interest. While we were talking to her a young woman passed by. I hardly noticed her; I was busy in the contact. However, when the contact ended Elder Beckstrand said, ''Darn it man, I felt like that girl who passed was elect.'' I asked, who? And he explained which one it was. So I said, ''Let's go get her then!'' And started speed walking/running, and he started after me with equal enthusiasm. We didn't know which way she had gone, but we just picked a path and followed our gut (the spirit). Soon we saw her, slowed down a little, and pulled up to her side as she walked. We started the contact. Her named is Carla, and she is from São Tomé. We ended up walking with her for about 10 minutes talking, and then stopped to say a prayer on the street. I asked her if she knew these things were true if she would be baptized, and she said yes. The next day, Elder Tavares and I went back to her house and taught her the first lesson, and then marked her to be baptized on the 26th. 

Tania and Carla were both in church yesterday, and both like it. Before church we went to meet with Carla to walk together to church when we ran into Tania, who was already on the way. Tania walked with us to Carla, and then we all walked together. After church they left together, each was planning on going home to study. 2 hours after church we ran into them on the street, still together. They had been talking about the church the entire time, and had questions for us. We answered the best we could, and then went separate ways, the two of them planning on spending even more time together. 

What miracles! Had we not found Tania, but found Carla, or not found Carla and found Tania, They would have come to church alone, and left alone, maybe feeling a little uncomfortable the whole time. But the Lord is incredible, and omniscient. He managed to place both of them in our path within a week of each other, so that they could have a friend and a support while they walk this path. Please pray that they can be baptized on the 19th and 26th!

Well, that was one of the highlights of the week. Another highlight is that we got transfer calls, and my colleague and I will both be staying here in Bragança. Good thing, too!

I love you all, and hope you enjoyed American food on the 4th. I tried to enjoy some 'American' food that a market was selling to commemorate the 4th of July, but the 'hot dogs' came in a jar full of brown water and I think were made up of something that couldn't have been real meat... However I think they might have marshmallows there too, so I might give those a shot.

Love ya!   Elder Lee

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Week 57 Letter

Monday, June 30, 2014

Hey everybody, how are you all doing? I am great! This week was good; it went by really fast though. Let me get started.

The week started pretty normally. We have been trying to find more and more people to teach. The biggest difficulty is finding people the 2nd time... but I am pretty used to that. We have some people with great potential; we just need to get them to let us teach them. 

Right now we have a few people we are focusing on for baptism. The first is Paulo. Paulo is the son of a member, whose mom is not a member. His dad, José Carlos has been a member for 20 years or so. She has always been really closed to the church. However, we have been trying to work on her a little. She won't even talk to us, but we are trying to work with her through her husband. It looks like she is going to let Paulo get baptized; we are shooting for the end of this week!

This Sunday was rough. We had 5 in church, which is good. But after church ended at 12 we went home, ate lunch, and then returned. The stake presidency came to have some special meetings with us, and as councilors in the presidency my companion and I needed to be there. Well, our branch had been having a lot of problems, and even (as the stake President said it) 'apostasy'. It has been pretty bad in the branch, and we have been fighting as missionaries just to keep it afloat. I have been in contact with the stake president regularly however, and he has been really grateful for everything we are doing. Anyways, we started meetings at 2h30 and we didn't get out until 9h00 that night... 

It was a long day.

However, they were really productive meetings. I think we are going to get this branch turned around here soon. Sure hope so, we can't baptize people into an apostate unit. 

Well, as for the rest of the work, it is going well. I am going to be out of area an hour away tomorrow doing a division with one of the Elders in my district in Mirandela. They have been really struggling there, it is a really small area, and they are getting a bit discouraged. Luckily, I specialize in little areas (I have only served in 1 area so far that wasn't little...) so hopefully on the division we can set fire to the area and the Elder's there once more. 

I know that the Church is true. I cannot deny it. I am thankful for everything the Lord does to help us as his servants.

I am also very thankful for sunshine, Brazilians, wild cherry trees, and non-practicing Catholics.

Well, I am going to go. I love you all. Thanks for all the letters. You are all great! Have an awesome week!!!

Love you!

Elder Lee

Umm, don’t remember all of the questions. My comp in Regua stayed. My recent converts there are awesome. Ricardo received the Melch Preisthood which I forgot to say. He is awesome. 

The world cup is huge here but thank heavens Portugal is already out. I see that as a blessing, because it was not good for the work. they can win in 4 years when I can watch them. 

No baptisms this week. 

I saw 3 emails of pics and dropbox. How did you let Levi do that on the tractor?  I would have never gotten away with that. Holy cow! The kitchen is completely different!  Freak... that's really weird. I saw Butterscotch in one of the pics. She ain't dead yet? Hahaha... how is she? Showing signs of age?
Hey, I already gotta go, but I love ya! Have a great week!

Elder Lee