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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Week 58 Letter

Monday, July 7, 2014

Well, how are you all doing?! I am doing great. Luckily the expected actually happened this time, and I stayed here in Bragança. My pattern of transfers in areas continues... I had 3 in the first area, and then 2 in the next, and then 1, and then 2, so here in Bragança I should have 3. If the Lord is really working by that pattern that is... hahaha, I think I've got Him figured. 

This week was great. A lot of good things are happening. First off, this week we marked Tania. At least, I am pretty sure it was this week... Anyways, we taught her the first lesson, and marked her for the 19th. She is really religiously aware, very sure about her own beliefs, follows the Catholic Church, but only the parts she likes about it. She has a decent knowledge of the bible. She liked the first lesson a lot. She is pretty serious about trying to know for herself if our message is true. All in all, it is a perfect set up for her to receive an answer. Just pray that she reads and prays.

This week we also had a division with the zone leaders here in Bragança. It was awesome. I went with an Elder named Elder Beckstrand, who is really funny. Our zone has been having a lot of problems with baptizing, we only baptized 5 in the entire zone and 3 were from our area, so they wanted to see what we were doing that was bringing success. Not going to lie, I was a little bit nervous... So we went to work, and Elder Beckstrand and I had a really cool miracle. We were in a contact with a woman, who wasn't showing a lot of interest. While we were talking to her a young woman passed by. I hardly noticed her; I was busy in the contact. However, when the contact ended Elder Beckstrand said, ''Darn it man, I felt like that girl who passed was elect.'' I asked, who? And he explained which one it was. So I said, ''Let's go get her then!'' And started speed walking/running, and he started after me with equal enthusiasm. We didn't know which way she had gone, but we just picked a path and followed our gut (the spirit). Soon we saw her, slowed down a little, and pulled up to her side as she walked. We started the contact. Her named is Carla, and she is from São Tomé. We ended up walking with her for about 10 minutes talking, and then stopped to say a prayer on the street. I asked her if she knew these things were true if she would be baptized, and she said yes. The next day, Elder Tavares and I went back to her house and taught her the first lesson, and then marked her to be baptized on the 26th. 

Tania and Carla were both in church yesterday, and both like it. Before church we went to meet with Carla to walk together to church when we ran into Tania, who was already on the way. Tania walked with us to Carla, and then we all walked together. After church they left together, each was planning on going home to study. 2 hours after church we ran into them on the street, still together. They had been talking about the church the entire time, and had questions for us. We answered the best we could, and then went separate ways, the two of them planning on spending even more time together. 

What miracles! Had we not found Tania, but found Carla, or not found Carla and found Tania, They would have come to church alone, and left alone, maybe feeling a little uncomfortable the whole time. But the Lord is incredible, and omniscient. He managed to place both of them in our path within a week of each other, so that they could have a friend and a support while they walk this path. Please pray that they can be baptized on the 19th and 26th!

Well, that was one of the highlights of the week. Another highlight is that we got transfer calls, and my colleague and I will both be staying here in Bragança. Good thing, too!

I love you all, and hope you enjoyed American food on the 4th. I tried to enjoy some 'American' food that a market was selling to commemorate the 4th of July, but the 'hot dogs' came in a jar full of brown water and I think were made up of something that couldn't have been real meat... However I think they might have marshmallows there too, so I might give those a shot.

Love ya!   Elder Lee

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