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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Week 60 Letter

Monday, July 21, 2014

Hey, I am a little bit behind because I was watching the videos you sent... you guys are so awesome! I'm not going to lie, I was blown away by how different you all are... holy cow! I can't let my comp or anyone else see this video because you girls are getting so pretty! And Danny, you look like a man! Jet is talking like crazy, even though 50% of what I heard was, ''I don't know'' Don't worry Jet, I it is hard to talk to a camera. Shane, obrigado pela informação... é tão bom saber que eu sei mais do que mãe. Espero que ela não tente a traduzir isto... mas não disse nada importante. Tens um sotaque fixe man. Estranho. Mas fixe.

Well, things here are crazy. Things about the work are changing, because I am changing how I do my part of the work. It is a good thing. This week should be pretty crazy as well... We are going to try to end the week with a few baptisms. Man! So much is happening it is so hard to explain... 

We found a super awesome kid named Romeu (Row-may-oh) playing futebol a week ago (thank heavens our mission president opened up soccer on p-day again) who is going to be baptized this weekend. Also, his sister Ana should be following him into the water the same day. He has 16 years and she has 14. They are super cool. Miracle after miracle has happened with this which is another big testimony booster for me that the Lord knows who he wants in His church and when he wants them there. Really, everything that has happened with Romeu and his sister has been a miracle. There baptismal papers are already signed by the parents and everything. I would like to explain it all, but it is too much. Ask me in a few months. 

Also looking at the weekend, Carla could possibly be baptized. She needs to do her part though. Until now she hasn't done it, and that's always one of the hardest things to see, because no matter what we say, she is the only one can do the work to receive an answer from God.

I spent some time today watching a bunch of the bible videos of Jesus Christ. I love my Savior. I know the actor isn't really Jesus, but he did an amazing job, and thus (Shane, is there any other way better to say 'assim' in English than 'thus' in English? I want to say, ''Ele fez muito bom, e assim eu consegui imaginar...) I was able to imagine how the Savior taught with such clarity and simplicity. He really was the perfect teacher. I want to be a teacher like Him.

Well, I already need to finish up. Keep having an awesome summer. It has been getting up to 47º C which is around 115º F if I am not wrong. Just think of me in a shirt and tie while you go about all your cool water activities... XP

Love you all, have fun and be safe.

Elder Lee

I’m going to try and remember to include something funny at the end of every letter that I heard during the week. This week is the following:

Me- Do you believe in God?

Old Portuguese man- No. Thank God I'm atheist.

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