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Monday, December 16, 2013

Week 30 Letter

Monday, December 16, 2013

How are you!?
You have to do something for yourself today. Even if it is just a little thing. 
Grandma emailed me as well as Jason and Spencer and told us to ask for something we need or want for her to send to us. I don’t want to ask for anything. I am going to ask for her hot chocolate recipe and tell her I already got spoiled by you. 
But in all honesty, I still haven’t gotten the package. Anything in it that would be detrimental to lose?
Remote control airplanes work but they could be in danger of breaking pretty easy unless it is a nicer one, so I don’t know. I did order some highlighters to the house. I bought some highlighters in the MTC, they are a special kind and really good for marking scriptures, but the green one ran out halfway through the book of Mormon. I really have a good system of marking, color coded, so I needed it so it didn’t change halfway through the book of Mormon. If you could send those, you can take them out of the package and just send them in an envelope, that would be great. 


How are you all!? I am pretty excellent. I am really relieved you got my twelve days of pictures! The envelope I used was a priority mail envelope that you were only supposed to be able to put 20 grams in, and it was quite a bit heavier than that... but hey! It got there! And on time to! That must be a first...

You guys are all finishing up school, aren't you! Luckies! You don't have snow yet over there, do you? I was just down by the beach this morning, and it is a lovely day. A bit chilly, but really only a bit. It's great. I might include a picture.  

This last week was good. We got lost, actually twice this last week, looking for a couple of references we received from other areas. Our area is huge, it really needs another pair of missionaries, but our mission is actually a little bit low on missionaries at the moment because we have a lot of newer missionaries, and a lot of older missionaries, but not much in-between, so we have been losing a lot of missionaries lately. Anyways, we were walking out to find one, and we ended up having to walk along the motorway, er, haha, freeway (darn English companion... hahaha) for a couple miles in the dark, just on the overgrown hills on the side of the freeway. It was pouring rain too, but I think that helped because the investigator felt like we were super heroes coming to her rescue, which in all reality isn't all that far off. The other one we were trying to find somebody who lived really far away, in the outskirts, or kind of what you could call 'out in the country', also during the night time, and it was a bit scary in all honesty. But we are going to baptize the investigator that we finally found out there. She is from Cabo Verde. Her name is Natalina, and she is awesome. She already has a desire to be baptized, and we will help her get there hopefully. 

We have a lot of work to do this week. We haven't had a very good showing of investigators at church, which is sad. They know what they need to do to get an answer. It is hard to see them not do it. Ernesto especially. He came so close to baptism, but then hesitated and stopped doing the things that he needed to do to be comfortable about baptism. He still has a shot, but he is regressing a little. Pray for him, he needs it. 

I hope you are all having a great Christmas time. I definitely am. I picture what Jesus would be doing if he was here during Christmas time, and I am sure it would involve a lot of service, so I feel pretty close to him because of that. I am loving this Christmas.

Well, that's it for this time around. I love you all, have a great week!


Elder Lee

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