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Friday, November 22, 2013

Week 22 Letter

Monday, October 21 2013
My man, how are you brother?!
Happy birthday man, I cant believe you already had it! I am looking at pictures of you right now, and I am glad you are still good old Ryan. I want to play with you really bad, but we will do lots and lots of playing in not too much time.
I just want you to know I love you. I sent you a letter in the mail that should get to you in not too long now. I wish I could get you a present, but that will just have to wait =) You are such a good brother, I am so lucky to have you.
Keep having fun. I love to hear from you, so keep writing me letters. I hope you had a great birthday, I can't believe how old you are getting. I am excited to talk to you on christmas.
Love you Ryan, have a great week!!
Elder Lee

Hey everybody, how are you all!? I am great. It was great to read all the letters from you kids, I love to hear about the little things that are going on in each of your lives. 
Things here are great. Fall is here. We still have great days, but there has been a TON of crazy wind. It usually rains every day, but just during the morning, and then it clears up. I am starting to have to wear a sweater almost everyday, but it really is still quite pleasant.
The work is moving. Right now we have an awesome investigator named Adylson. He is from Africa, Cabo Verde, and is super cool. He already has a testimony. The only thing he needs to do to be ready to be baptized is quit drinking wine. It's not a horrible addiction for him, just something he does 'socially', so it shouldn't be too difficult for him. We are have a recent convert named Marco help us teach him a lesson, because Marco quit smoking in one week, and has been an amazing member since he was baptized. We think if we have a lesson with Marco with us it will be super good for Adylson, and maybe he will be ready to get baptized this Sunday! Please pray for Adylson, he can really use your prayers.
This week I have really had an amazing experience and growth in my testimony of Joseph Smith. My companion has an Ipod with lectures from Truman G. Madson on the prophet of Joseph Smith, so I have been listening to those during the morning and night. He was such an incredible man. I don't know if any of you have heard it before, but I really really encourage you to listen to it. I think you can get it pretty easy. It really did have an amazing effect on me. I am so thankful for Joseph Smith and everything he did. Now I am listening to lectures by the same man but on Jesus Christ. I just started, but they seem to be pretty good as well.
This is the last week of the transfer, so we are really trying to bust it out. I hope I get to stay, but it is all in the Lord's hand, so whatever happens I know it is for the best.
I love you all. Thank you for all of your support and love. Families are the most important thing in the world, so I am glad to have one that is so amazing.
Have a great week everybody!
Elder Lee

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