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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Week 15 Letter

Monday, August 26, 2013
How are all of you!? Really tan? I am pretty tan too, but probably not too much more than as tan as I get in Spokane because the Azores get a lot of cloud and humidity along with the sunshine. 
How was the lake? I missed being there with all of you; we had some really fun times there. I remember how fun playing pirates was, it was a blast! Something kind of cool about Portugal is that they are a country of sailors, both in history and now. That’s how they discovered the islands I am on, Brazil, Madeira, and a lot of other places also. I should find a pirate here and talk to him a little bit so when I get back and we play pirates I can do an even better job. 
You all looked so pretty and clean in the wedding pics! I have such a pretty family! People love to see the family picture I have of you all. I need to learn the language really well, because people tell me already I have a Portuguese face, but when I talk it becomes very apparent I'm not Portuguese, and people go from assuming I am Portuguese to assuming I am mentally deficient... hahaha
We have been finding new people to teach which is really exciting. In the past we have spent a lot of time doing procura and very little time teaching, and teaching is the best part of missionary work by far! 
We are so lucky to have the family we have, aren’t we? I can testify to the fact that there isn’t a better family on this side of the world either, so it looks like we are number 1! I love each one of you so much. It is sad to think that our family is all growing up; especially when you think of all the fun times we had as kids. But that is why it is so cool we can live together forever as a family. It is so important to work to become a celestial family, so let’s do it! As we do we will have so much happiness and joy in our lives, it is amazing! 
I love you all so much. Keep being awesome. Sometimes I miss you all so much and start to get sad, but like an old saying, 
Whenever I get sad
I stop being sad
and start being 
So don’t be sad, be awesome!

I love you!
Elder Lee

I am great; things here are good with the work. We have 4 new really good investigators, but Fernando is still having difficulties due to his wife.
Anyways, his wife is being one heck of a stumbling block. Idk if I told you they are separating, but they are I think. We don’t want that, we want them to fix things. It’s rough.
How are the kids doing? Scared as summer is winding down?
Is Danny turning 12?  Is he going to get the priesthood? That is weird to think about. But if anybody is ready for the priesthood, Danny is.  With the birth certificate stuff, maybe he should wait. Idk, that all is kind of hard. How is jets potty training?  He is getting bigger, it makes me sad =(   (but happy too =) 

I don’t think I am going to be able to email dad a separate letter, so make sure he knows I love him too, and he needs to keep the Seahawks winning.  Dad says the weather has been great there.  We are on the same side of the equator, so seasons are at the same time. It is usually about 80-90 here, with a lot of humidity. It’s nice though. I hope I will get to see the Azores in the fall. It doesn’t get very cold in Portugal in the winter, but it does rain a lot. I don’t know what to expect 100 percent, but am excited to find out I guess.  I hope my coat wasn’t stolen from Lisbon, because I am going to need that eventually. I won’t figure that out unless I get transferred and have to go by the office or until I have to go back to the continent to get my visa renewed either in September or the next transfer.  The day I got to Lisbon was crazy. I could only take one suitcase with a weight limit, and I hardly had any time to transfer anything from suitcase to suitcase. So I got the essentials. It hasn’t been cold enough for a coat yet, and we have only had rain once so far (this last week), so I'm good right now. I will just need to get it when I go to the continent.  

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