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Friday, September 20, 2013

Week 17 Letter

Monday, September 16, 2013

How are you all! I can’t believe another week has already passed by! The days just keep rolling on. They probably aren't going as fast for you kids that have school. I am kind of glad I have some time before I go back to school.
Well, I am staying here in Angra, much to my relief. I get to prolong some tough goodbyes for that much longer. Transfers are weird. I have a new companion now, who has been on the mission for a year and a half. He seems pretty cool, but we'll see how he looks after I work him through a good long day of work ;)
The weather is changing, slowly, but I am starting to notice it is a bit cooler nowadays. It rains a good amount wherever you are in Portugal, and I am not too excited for that, but odds say I won't get any snow this winter. Only a couple areas get snow in Portugal, and my old companion will head to one of those areas on a plane tonight ;) He is excited though, so it's all good. 
Things here are moving forward. We have a few investigators that are progressing well. I hope they keep the commitments we've given them. We will talk to them again this week and find out. 
A week or two ago, Josué, one of the rapazes we baptized, received the priesthood. It was so awesome to see him passing the sacrament to the branch in his shirt and tie! Man, it is times like those that make all of the struggles so worth it. 
It sounds like you all have cool things going on in your lives. Keep staying busy and keep having fun. I love seeing all of the pictures of you. Yesterday I showed our family pics to a recent convert named Elizabet, and she just kept telling me how beautiful you all are. I am so lucky to have you all. 
I finally have all of the stitches out of my arm and hand. I have some scars on my arm, but my hand still isn’t healed up enough to know if it will leave a good scar. The cut went over halfway across my hand, but I don’t know if it will leave a scar like that. We'll just have to see ;) 
Thanks for all of the letters you sent with my package! I loved reading each one! 
Have a great week everybody! Kisses to you all!
Elder Lee

My hand is good. They just took out the last of the stitches a few hours ago. I hope it leaves a good scar, but idk... 
I am staying here in Angra! However, Elder Jacobson will be leaving. My new companion is elder Tooche, yup, said just like that ;) he is Australian, but besides that, I don’t know a whole lot about him yet. 
I got the camera, and it is awesome! I will have to upload some of the beautiful pictures it takes.
 Got the package midway through this last week. My new comp has been out a year and a half. Elder Jacobson is heading back to the continent, in the mid north. He will be near the only mountain range in Portugal, right in time for winter ;)
I just got done emailing Chappy. Sounds like he has an awesome time, and I guarantee he is loving the food...
We've been going through a lot of investigators lately. Right now we have three that are making good progress. Marco, his aunt who has a name I can never remember, and Edmundo. They have a lot of potential; I hope we can baptize all three this transfer.

Eduardo is the boy. We have taught him all the lessons and he is really just waiting on his mom. But Edmundo is a man with something like 60 years. He is really cool. He has had a lot of different experiences with religion, and I hope we can help him find an answer for himself that this church is the only true one. 
We haven’t seen the other rapazes yet. Even though we are on an island, we have a pretty big area; it covers almost half of the island. It is a lot bigger than the area you all live in. I hope Wilson pulls through. He hasn’t talked to us at all, he is kind of ignoring us I think =/ also, yeah, today is Pday, but we haven’t really done anything yet because it is only 1 o clock. Studies in the morning, pday starts at 11, and then some packing and unpacking. But now we are here =)

My comp is already here, yeah, in the library. He has been in the Acores before, but on São Miguel, not Terceira. Elder Jacobson flies out tonight around eight.  He doesn’t have a lot of an accent, Portugal has worked it out of him a little I think. I need to get going on a family letter, I haven’t really started yet. How many hours will Ali work when school starts?
I don't hear from Shane very much. I haven't gotten an email from him this whole last transfer and I only got one from him in the transfer before. I want to hear things from him!  Hey, do you think Cameron will be gone on his mission by the time I get back?  Man, I’m not going to see him in so long! Will you make sure he (cam) emails me this next week? I just want to know what’s going on with him and stuff. I want to visit him in his mission when I get done with mine, but I guess it depends on where he is at... 

Alright, well, I should wrap up.  I love you too! I sent Shiloh a letter last week, but I sent it to her address, not Scotts, the one she usually emails me from. So if you talk to her sometime, make sure she knows.
I love ya! Bye!

Danny my man,
How are you? I can’t believe it is your birthday already!! You are getting so old! I see a lot of pictures of you playing soccer and doing other things, and I just can't believe how lucky I am to have you as my brother. You are so cool, I want to be more like you. I tell everybody here all about you, and they all think you are so awesome. They don't even know how awesome you are, but I do. 
I hope you are having fun in school. I don’t know you're new teacher, but I hope you like her, and I hope you are learning a lot. 
I am so glad that we got to have lots of fun together before I left on the mission, and I am excited to have a lot more fun with you after the mission. Don't grow up too fast; being young is a good thing. 
Man, I love you so much. I am so excited to when I can see your face on the computer on Christmas!
Have fun, play hard, and have the BEST BEST BEST birthday EVER!!!
                     II  II  II  II II
                 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII               Happy Birthday Danny!! Here is a cake for you!

Things here are pretty awesome. We are chippin away at it, and it has been a lot of work and a lot of fun too. Transfers are going to be easier than they could have been, I am losing my trainer, but I do get to stay in the area, and I think my new companion is pretty cool, so I am excited. It is a bit of a shock though, because your right. These first transfers have been my entire mission so far, so the changes are weird. I don't know. I watched elder Jacobson say goodbye to a lot of people, and it just made me scared for when I am going to have to do the same. I already want to come back after the mission, but I think every returned missionary wants to do that, but it doesn't happen very often. Plus, I really want to spend as much time with the family as possible around school and stuff, so it looks like I should just really take advantage of every moment I have while I am here.
We didn't baptize last transfer, which was disappointing, especially since we came really close with a few people. Sometimes I worry that I could be fulfilling my purpose as a missionary better. Our purpose starts by saying that our purpose 'is to invite others to come unto Christ'. We do a lot of inviting, but I guess because we are having trouble baptizing, I am questioning myself a little.But like Elder Holland said in my favorite talk of his, 'salvation is not an easy experience' and that we aren't going to 'catch an amonia from standing in the baptismal font all day'. I just need to focus on how I can improve, and do that. I will do everything I can, the Lord will do everything he can, but at some point it is left to the agency of the person.
I am happy. I am loving the mission. I hope it will slow down a little bit for me like is has for you, because I don't want it to be over anytime soon.
I am glad to hear that things are doing well at home. I pray a lot for the family, and I know that Heavenly Father hears the prayers of the missionaries.
Keep going strong. Send the family my love. Keep the Seahawks winning.
Elder Lee
*But still, an airlock!*

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