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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Week 5 Letter

Tuesday June 18, 2013
I'm sorry this is getting to you late.  Honestly, I almost forgot.  I thought Father's Day was next Sunday.  Time here is weird.  I can't believe I leave to Portugal in probably a week when you get this.  It's also hard to believe I have only been here 5 weeks.
Anyway Dad, I'm going to take a minute to sincerely thank you.  I think about and use the things that you have taught me every single day.  I have such an advantage on the mission because of you. I often help elders when they need support or advice with insights I have received from you.  So, not only have you given me so much, but in effect you are helping people all over the world.  You are such an amazing leader and teacher.  I love all of my instructors here at the MTC, but I think it would be awesome if they could be even a little more like you.  They're just kids though, so deserve some credit.
Everything I do well as a missionary comes from the things you and mom have taught me.  Even those things I learn from the Spirit, because you taught me over the years how to recognize the spirit and receive revelation as well as how to be worthy of it.  Thank you for being an example I pray I can even approach in some way at some point in my life.  I really hope that one day I can be a little more like you.
Love your son, Elder Lee

PS - Hope you like the tie.  I thought it was  pretty sheik and then when I saw it was Bingahti, I thought of you and that video with the epic choral music.  Vroom vroom!

I have like zero time to write, but something is better than nothing, right?  I leave in less than a week by the time you get this.  I'll fly from SLC to Fort Worth Texas (Chappy's Mission)!  I'll have a little less than an hour there to call you and then I fly straight to London (Dad's Mission).  I will be there for 4 hours and might call but I can't use a calling card there so it will just be quarters; not a long call.  And then I'll fly to Lisbon Portugal!
I am super sad to leave my district.  I might have to take a road trip to Utah after the mission to see Elder Zaccaria to meet his step-dad.  He's not a member and Elder Zaccaria had a dream where I was able to help the missionaries convert his dad.  He swore it was more than a dream.  I told him I'd meet his dad if he wasn't already baptized while Elder Zaccaria was on his mission.  Ahhh, there's just so much you can't understand if you're not on a mission.  Cameron, look forward to it and be ready and worthy for it.  There's nothing like it.
Did I tell you about the 23rd?  There is going to be a huge worldwide broadcast about missionary work this Sunday and I will be singing in the choir.  I think dad has to watch it, but it will be on BYU TV too I think.  Actually, I don't know.  But watch it and look for me in the choir!  we'll be just right there in front of the First Presidency and the 12.  I'm so excited!  We're doing our devotionals at the Marriot Center at BYU, just walking over.  It is pretty awesome!  I was at the first MTC devotional in the Marriot center ever, pretty historical!
Anyways, I will email you one more time from the MTC.  Love you all!
Elder Lee
PS - I found an Elder from Kiribati that knows Elder Simon!

My district was so nice to me on my birthday, so don't worry about that.
I have a terrible rash on my stomach, so I went in to the health clinic they have here and they diagnosed it as a rash that is somewhat rare, where they have no idea where it comes from and why people get it. Good news, I wont die. Good news, it will go away on its own. No bad news. Yay!

 This was my first mountain dew ever!!!!!
Yea, did not live up to expectation.  Boo.

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