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Elder Anthony Scott Lee

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Week 3 Handwritten Letter

My heart breaks every time I think of poor Addy and what she's going through.  I didn't get mail until Monday so I am fasting for her today again.
I hope nobody is blaming themselves because that just wouldn't make sense and Satan would just love to see someone beating themselves up about it, so don't give him the satisfaction.
We're praying for her as a district also.  I think she is going to be okay for sure.  I'm praying a ton for her comfort too because she is a mover and a goer and this won't be easy for her.  I want some pictures of her though.  I'm sad I can't be there for her.
Actually mom,
I'd love to fill up my photo album here, or at least get more pics.  I look at them every night but only have a few.  Also, a couple of wallet sizes would be nice so I can show people my fam when I am out and about.  But don't stress, it can wait.
I miss you all so much it's hard sometimes but staying focused is the key and I'm good at that when it comes to this work at least. 
I stepped on a scale the other day and came to fond I weigh the same. :<  I feel like if I can't gain weight here, eating what I do, I'll never gain weight.  If you hadn't heard, Chappy got his mission call.  He's going to the Texas Fort Worth mission and doesn't leave til September 4th.  Crazy.  I'm super stoked for him.
Anyway, I really should go.  I've got plenty to do.  I love ya'll and miss you, but it's time to get back on my head.
I pray for you all,
Elder Lee

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