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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Week 2 Handwritten Letter

I don't have a lot of time, but I could use your help.  I remember a lesson in seminary; maybe not even a lesson, but a conversation.  I don't know.  But we were talking about a class' ability to feel the spirit together.  I remember you asking, "If one kid in a seminary class just doesn't participate, doesn't get out his scriptures, listens to music or uses his phone, does that affect the spirit that the rest of the class feels?"
Everyone said no (but me of course) and you taught the class something very important: that a class (or district in my case) and it's ability to feel the spirit can be affected by an individual unwilling to feel the spirit. (or in my case just one elder unwilling to be obedient)
I'm looking for good references in the scriptures to support that idea and have come up with D&C 88:117-126 and Moses 7:18.  I need to teach my district the principle that 1 disobedient companionship, or even one disobedient elder or sister, can affect the way we learn and feel the spirit and really just grow as a district.  How would you do it?  I have ideas but want it to be amazing and memorable like your lessons are so that they can remember and teach it (because I know they will all be leaders someday).  Thanks Dad, you are awesome.  You can just Dearelder me for convenience.  I love you!
Your son,
Elder Lee

Week 2.5 Letter
Sorry if this letter looks bad, I'm writing in the dark while watching a movie about the early saints, called The Legacy.  It's kind of old, and I think it was filmed at a high frame - rate so it's messing with me a little bit, but it's good.
Anyways, what's going on everybody?  Things here are pretty awesome.  The language is coming, you know, line upon line...
Funny story about the language para voces.  Last night we were praying as a district, we pray together a ton, but morning and night we call it family prayer.  Anyway, we were having family prayer and Elder Bowden was saying it.  He wanted to say "Please make us better but as Shane could tell you, "mulhor" means better.  However, poor Elder Bowben made the mistake of saying "mulher" which means woman.  So essentially, he tried to pray us into women...  Fortunately, by the time he said "Amen", none of us could agree with our amens because we burst with laughter we'd been struggling to hold in.  It was sooooo funny!
Anyway, we really are being good and working really hard.  Just today (Sunday), Elder Kennedy and I were called as zone leaders.  It's pretty excoting because we get 26 new missionaries into our zone this Wednesday.  Cazy!
I'm pretty tired.  We wake up at 6 every morning, which is wierd becaise most people wake up at 6:30.  We are at breakfast by that time.  We are suppose to be in bed by 10:30, but most nights it's not until 11:00.  I'm getting to bed after journal and prayers.  I can't help it, my prayers have changed so much on the mission.  That's okay, I figure sleep is like tithing.  If you do the work and then get the sleep you can without paying too much attention, you'll probably have enough and be provided for.  Still, sometimes it's hard to stay awake TALL (the language learning program on the computers we do for an hour a day).
Loved all your letters and pictures sibs!  It was perfect with the dino pics.  We have a big metal container outside our residence that reminds me of what they had the raptor in at the beginning of Jurassic Park.  So I have a joke going that an elder named Elder Vel (short for Velociraptor) who just so happens to be a dino lives in there.  So one of the pictures is on our door and is labeled "Elder Vel".
Elder Zaccaria is now district leader which is crazy because I all but prophesied he was going to be.  I was dong a senior companion interview with him and I felt prompted to tell him he would make a great leader, possibly district leader, and gave him some advice before he was even called.  It was crazy.  I knew 100% God wanted him!  It probably doesn't sound that special seeing as someone had to get called, but every one of our elders would be fantastic district leaders, so it was pretty special for me and him.
Well, I'm going to be in bed late again tonight so I gotta call it.  But first you have to tell me what this is from because I said it and then couldn't figure it out all day and was so happy when I got it.  Shauna should get it easy.  Here it is - "No thanks, you can keep it".  Good luck, love you all!
Elder Lee

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