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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Week 4 Letter

Tuesday, June 11, 2013
Como foi este semana? My week was pretty awesome, pretty busy. The MTC is pretty awesome, but I am starting to get really excited for the field. But then I rememeber, "Oh yeah, Portuguese... I don't speak that..." hahahaha...
No, the language is actually coming pretty good. We teach 10 lessons a week, and all in portuguese, so it is pretty cool. But as soon as I want to weave together a secular sentence that would barely pass for literature in a Portuguese Undestinguished Title-1 school, I'm sunk... Hahahaha, I have a feeling when I get to portugal I will be bearing a lot of testimony to my trainer...
I sent you another hand written letter yesterday, so I am trying to remember what I said in that, but it seems so long ago. Tanto fez, no big deal. There isnt a whole lot to tell, I mean a lot of study. I told some cool stories already in my letter. 
The temple on the mission is pretty cool, and really different. It will be sad to leave the MTC when it means leaving behind a temple, but it will be exciting in Portugal because I think we will be there for the ground breaking of the temple there. Ah, I am so excited to have my own investigators. I know I won't be able to say half of what I want to at first, but I've come to find that the spirit can make up for a lot in a lesson. Sometimes an investigator just needs to hear one more thing, and I hope maybe I can tell them that one thing.
I lost my tan, I feel like a stinking cave dweller here... hahaha, not a lot of time outside, and all the walkways are covered. We play a lot of volleyball for gym, our district is pretty boss, we take everybody. But we started playing outside so my tan is coming back which makes me feel more alive =) hahaha.
I'm kind of sad, because my finger is healing up rather nicely. I wanted a good scar but may not get it. Oh, I did end up getting my hair cut last week, and it looks pretty good. You'll see it in the pics I attatch. I dont take a lot of pictures, sorry mom, but there's not a whole lot of time and there aren't a lot of things to take pictures of...
Anyways, I am going to go do some more laundry. Yeah. Thats right. I'm doing laundry, all by myself.
However I think today I put something that should have gone in with the darks in with the lights, and well, I hope my stuff doesnt come out funky.
Anyways, love to you all, especially all my little man pals, that's right, Danny, Koli, Ryan, Levi, Jet. And Josh too if he wants to be included in that group of "little" men. I love you all so much! Tchau!
-Elder Lee

Okay, so in the one of just me, the guy who was taking the picture didn't even know it was my camera, he had like eight cameras. he just totally took one of just me. I dont even know the guy. It was really weird.

 I thought this was cool.
 I was laying on a bottom bunk bed and had my had reached up holding onto the bar across the bottom of the top bunk matress, and somebody jumped onto it and it just smashed a spring down into my finger. So it isnt really just, just smashed. Its really weird. I just have this deep little valley an inch long on my finger.

I am going to go switch laundry over and then come back to attach pics and give you my scripture. Hopefully you see these emails and wait on for me =)
Alright, well mom, looks like you arent going to get on for me... you have to dear elder me twice as much this week now.
My scripture for the plaque is Alma 26:36. vers 35 and 36 would be sweet but idk if it will fit. So definitely 36.
I need you to do me a big favor. I need chappy's address and soon because it was his bday on friday but I didnt have his address to send him a letter. But if we keep up the tradition we had last year, at graduation if you remember, I just have to get it to him by my birthday, not his. So you can go to yellowpages.com and search for people, and search the name "craig chapman" and there will be 2 if I remember right. His address is the one in newman lake. Or you could find an old valley stake directory. But if you could dear elder that to me today asap I could get it by tonight and mail his letter by tomorrow.
Love you all! Write me lots I am selfish!!
Elder Lee

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