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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Week 4 and a half Handwritten Letter

How are you all?  I'm doing pretty well here, pushin forward, having fun.
Funny story for you.
I had just finished my first nap at the MTC, it was an hour or so, super nice.  We had gotten up at 5:20am to go to an early session at the Temple so we could get a jump on all of our p-day chores.  Anyway, we had finished emailing, laundry, and cleaned up, along with a couple of hours of study time, and had a couple of hours of free time before dinner.  So, some elders started taking naps, but I was up with Elder Scott just talking for a while, not really planning on a nap.  So, when the elder started trying to catch up on some sleep, I finally climbed into bed to take a go at catching some Z's.  It took me a while to get to sleep because it was kind of loud in the residence, but I managed to fade after throwing a pillow over my head.
Well, when I went to sleep I dreamt that I was back home with all of you.  It was so real.  I don't know if it was post or pre mission but dreams are weird so it doesn't matter.  It was a happy dream, we all just hung out together.  Things got weird when I went to bed in my dream at the end of my dream day.  In my dream I was dreaming, so my dream was my dream - dream.  Follow?
It was during this dream-dream that I woke up from my real dream and I was back in the real world.  However, I was totally 100% convinced I was still in my dream because I totally skipped a layer coming out of it.  It wasn't even a question in my mind.  I was totally still asleep, or so I thought.
I don't know if what followed would be considered maybe sleepwalking, maybe a nap hangover, I don't know, but in my mind I was still asleep.  However I was fully awake and conscious.  WEIRD.  I got out of bed, having no idea where I was.  I didn't recognize my companion in the bunk under me and didn't recognize the other 4 missionaries in the other bunks.  Nope.  I just walked out of our room into the residence looking for you.
I'm just walking down the hall whistling for you, trying to find where you all went.  You know, that "youhoo"  whistle.  I am super lucky nobody tried to talk to me because who knows what I would have said.  There I am walking around residence looking for you , mind you, without my companion.  Good thing I was lazy and I didn't go far...  After a few minutes of this I would walk into the bathroom, who knows why.  I was letting the dream, or whatever I thought the dream was, carry me.  It was in the bathroom that I had the biggest struggle back to reality I've ever experienced.  EVER.  I looked in the mirror, saw my tag, and then just fell into this debate with myself over whether I was awake or not.  And the part of me arguing that I was still asleep was winning!  I seriously got nauseous and bent over the sink thinking I might seriously vomit.  When I tasted the vomit in the back of my throat and splashed water on my face, I finally made the decision I was awake and on my mission.  My heart rate was seriously elevated, I was sweating, and I had a serious headache. 
Anyway, that's my story.  I'm still recovering.  I need to go eat something.  Ahhh...
Love you all so much!  Hope you are having a fun start to vacation.
Elder Lee

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