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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Week 95 Letter

Monday, March 31, 2015

How is everything? I am great. This week was full of ups and slightly less ups... hahaha...

Honestly the only slightly less up was my sickness. I started the week out with a seriously high fever that went away, but then came back. Next came the serious pains in my lower stomach region Wednesday morning. It hurt so badly. I could hardly stand up. They kept coming and going coming and going, and when my branch president heard about it he did a check up on me. He's a nurse. He got really worried that I had appendicitis, and when we heard that it was straight to the hospital with me... we have a senior couple here, and they are such a blessing! They are the Leseurs. Well, he drove me to the hospital, and after drawn blood, x-rays and ultrasounds, turns out I'm alright. I knew it. Told 'em I didn't need to go in...

In the end it was actually good I got there because they gave me some meds that have really helped. It was called something like marajewana, marijuana, I don't really remember. Hahira, just kidding, just kidding. But the name of it does sound something like that.

Well, miracles happened. I never imagined almost two years ago that I would reap fruits from some of the seeds that I was planting that I never saw grow here the first time, but the Lord works in beautiful, mysterious ways. A man I had taught two years ago named Marco had the impression this week to just show up at the chapel. He didn't even know if there would be anybody there. Luckily, we had finished teaching a lesson there, and institute was just about to start. He showed up just in time. We committed him to church then and there, and he was one of six investigators there on Sunday. After sacrament meeting he came to me and told me that he was finally ready to be a member of the church. Two years ago he had been so full of doubts, and eventually just disappeared. But like we learn in the talk of Alvin Dyer, the Lord knows who he wants in His church, and there's not much we can do about that. He told me that we wanted to be baptized, and soon. How about this weekend? We will talk with him tonight!  Miracles really are happening. We are teaching so many people with so much potential. We have 2 marked right now for this weekend (Natacha and Catarina) and 3 more that need to be marked this week. More to come too. The Lord has been so merciful.

Last night we went to the top of the island, about as far as you can get from Angra to see a family of a member here, Veronica. She and her brother are the only members in their family. Her brother isn't active. She is the only member in the family that does anything with the church. She is a huge help to us as missionaries. To attend church she buses down on Saturday and stays with an older couple here to be able to make it to church in the morning. She studies here in Angra, so she comes and works with us all the time before catching her last bus home. Her family has always been pretty anti, but I convinced Veronica to try to get something set up with them. They ended up making a FANTASTIC dinner, and the night went so, so, so well. It doesn't mean they are ready to be baptized, and it is going to be complicated getting them to church, but they sure loved the dinner, and then afterwards they cried during our spiritual thought. It was amazing to see Veronica bear her power-house testimony to them. She is a lighthouse to the family.

Alright, well, pray for Natacha, Catarina and Marco specifically if you can remember them all. They are awesome.

I love you all!

Elder Lee

In the picture Veronica is the frizzy haired one towards the middle. Her inactive member brother Filipe is to her right. Then her mom and stepdad are in the middle. The lady on the far right is a family friend, she is deaf. She is Jehovah witness, but a really nice lady. Teaching is hard though... The little American Sign Language I know is useless. They have their own sign language here. T

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