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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Week 93 Letter

Monday, March 16, 2015
Transfers. I unfortunately did not stay in Ponta Delgada for the last transfer of my mission. I was hoping to stay in the Azores for my last six weeks.
Fortunately, I did =)
I did get transferred from Ponta Delgada, but I got transferred to my very first area of the mission: Angra do Heroismo! Yes, also in the Azores, on the island of Terceira. I am so stoked!
What a blessing. The Lord is so amazing. The day I left my first area, I have always wanted to go back to end my mission there. Here I am. 
Saying goodbye yesterday and today was hard. I have such a love for the people I left behind in Ponta Delgada, and it hurt so much to say farewell. It reminded me a lot of leaving my very first area. The same heartache. After all, it has only been in the Azores that I have stayed in an area for more than 2 transfers. I love the Azorean people so much!!!!
We had two baptisms yesterday of two daughters of a less active mother who we reactivated. It was awesome. Their names are Erica and Diana. We had also marked 3 more people for baptism in the coming weeks. I am leaving an area in which we had finally gotten the ball rolling to enter into an area where things have been very slow, but my goal for these six weeks is to leave an impression that will last long after I'm gone. That's my hope. Only six weeks left. It is devastating, but my new companion and I are going to make every second count. His name is also Elder Lee by the way. That'll be weird. I can't tell ya how many times people have gotten confused about the Elder thing, and now... hahaha
We are going to have to do all sorts of things to be effective here in the area. I know the area very well, it is pretty small and everybody knows the missionaries and elders, and there are a lot of negative things said. However, we will be creative. We will find, teach, and with faith, baptize!
Well, I need to go; time was short today on account of travels. 
Love you all!
Elder Lee

Pics- The one that looks like an overhead shot of Sao Miguel is an overhead shot of Sao Miguel. The one that looks like me and my new comp on Terceira is in fact me and my new comp on Terceira. Hahaha

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