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Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 94 Letter

Monday, March 23, 2015
How is everybody doing? Sounds like you guys (or at least some of you) are pretty sick too. I am fighting off a pretty mean fever that kept me up all night last night. Sheesh, amazing how one sleepless night can really mess with you...
Anyways, we already have some good things going here. We had three people in church which makes for the first time this area has had someone at church for a while now. Sometimes it’s hard in such a little place, but we are making things happen. 
Good news from Sao Miguel, our investigator I was teaching there got baptized this weekend! His name is Eduardo. I knew he would make it. I missed it by one week, but it happens.
Natacha is a young single mother we found and will start teaching tonight. She came to church yesterday, and has such a good desire. We had made plans with her for us to go pick her up to walk with her to church Sunday morning, but we arrived a little late to her house because we had went to get another investigator who didn’t end up coming. When we knocked on the door, that dad told us she wasn’t there, so we got pretty sad. But then, we left and just seconds later found her on the street walking to church all by herself with her baby and little sister. She could have used us not coming on time as an excuse to not go, but nope. She started off alone. That's what I'm talking about! Nothing better than an investigator with desire!

I miraculously ran into my first baptism of the mission and her mom in the city one morning this week. She and her brother were baptized almost 2 years ago. They had remained active for a good time, but then moved halfway across the island and never had a way to get to church. We'll figure something out. I wish more people had cars here =/
We had a pday with a bunch of members from our branch and hiked up Monte Brasil. The view was spectacular. I love being here so much; I have never had an area where the members were such a family to me. Mama Lurdes is incredible. She was the one who drove me to the hospital 2 years ago when I cut my hand open... Hope we don’t have to make that trip together this time around =)
Well, I love you all. Pray for Natacha, Catarina, and Jose!

Elder Lee

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