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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Week 96 Letter

Monday, April 6, 2015
Hey everybody! I am really behind due to an awesome Pday, so todays email will have to be fast, which is too bad, because it was an amazing week and weekend. 
We baptized Natacha, and the sisters baptized a lady named Elizabete that I taught several times two years ago.  Her story is similar to Marco's story. She asked me to baptize her, and so that was really awesome. The baptismal service was probably one of my favorites of the entire mission. Our investigator Marco was there, it was the first baptism he had ever seen and he said it all, "it was simple, yet powerful". It was fantastic. The missionaries did a special musical number. I played the guitar and we all sang Nearer my god to thee. I have gotten it down pretty well for only having played it a couple times... I'd like to improve both on the piano and on the guitar when I get home. 

Both Natacha and Elizabete loved the baptism. Catarina, Natacha's younger sister, didn't end up getting baptized this weekend, but it is very likely that she will be baptized this weekend. We need to talk with her parents again. Catarina was a little scared, but after seeing Natacha's baptism she came and told me that she knew that she needed to be baptized, but that she was just worried about her parents. Her parents had already given permission, but then before the baptism it looks like they kind of talked her out of it.
I'll have to send pics next week.
All that on top of conference, and this weekend was incredible!

Okay, we need you to pray for Marco, Catarina, and Jose. They could all potentially be baptized this week!
Love you all!
Elder Lee
PS I don’t feel like I'll ever come home. 
PPS These are pics from the around the island trip we took today. The second one is what is called a 'caravela'. I held one. It is some kind of a jelly fish. Don’t worry, Pixar logic, the tops don’t sting you =)

My comp has the last baptism pictures. I am going to have to buy a new camera when I get back... mine sometimes gets messed up, and you have to hit it to work again. So my baptism pictures didn’t turn out because the person taking the pics didn’t know to hit my camera...

Hey, but I have to go. I love you a ton. 

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