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Friday, November 21, 2014

Week 76 Letter

Monday, Nov 17, 2014

Hey everybody! As you might have heard, I am back on the Azores, the most amazing place in the world!!! I am so excited to be here. I am now on the island of São Miguel. The accent here is CRAZY! It sounds so much like French! Terceira has an accent, and I learned Portuguese in that accent, but the accent here on São Miguel is so thick, I feel like I am in the beginning of the mission again!

Well, before going forward, I should do some catch up, because things happened really fast and I wasn't able to get you all the details. My last Sunday in Odivelas we had the baptism of our investigator, Engrácia. I will try to attach a picture. It went really well. 

I was really not expecting to leave the area. After all, I only had 1 transfer there. I already have so many areas on the mission! They told me Sunday night that I would be coming out here to the Azores, and I was so excited! I thought they were joking with me. I always wanted to come back out, but never believed I would, because it really doesn’t happen. I only have 4 transfers left, and I hope I can stay put for all 4. 

Our week was good. Unfortunately when I got here, the area was pretty dead. We started the week with 2 investigators: a couple who are waiting on their marriage papers to get here. Outside of them we didn't have anybody. So, we rolled up our sleeves (not literally, that is against the rules) and went to work. I remembered that the people out here were a lot more closed than on the continent, and it is true, but now I feel like I have things figured out. I feel like we will have success. We have found some investigators with good potential. We actually marked an investigator for baptism but (Terciera all over again) his aunt, who he lives with rejected us pretty hard and forbid him from seeing us. He is 19, so he should be able to make the decision for himself, but he lives in her house, and she won't let us pass by anymore, and he doesn't even have a phone, so we can't call him =/  But we still have others with potential. We found a girl last night; she's 32 or something around there. She has a disease that I think might be fatal. Some sort of muscular thing that is affecting the brain. She didn't explain a lot. But talking to her, I really felt the spirit, like I haven’t felt for a while with an investigator, so we have a lot of hope for her. Please pray for Ana Paula. 

Well, the Azores are as pretty as ever, even going into the rain season. I am excited to see as much of it as I can. We have an awesome branch president who I think will take us to see some of the amazing things here on the island. 

I love you all. I can't believe Shane is getting married, and I can't believe that Cameron is going to be gone so soon. I am so proud of them both!

Hugs and Kisses,

Elder Lee

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