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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Week 54 Letter

Monday, June 9

It has been an awesome week, but I am short on time so I will get started.

This week we marked 4 people for baptism! It was awesome! We marked a dad, José Luís and his son Luís, and then an African from São Tomé named Iury (youry), and then his cousin (we didn't know they were related until afterwards) whose name is Abidulae (uh-bih-doo-lie). It was a week filled with miracles. All four of these investigators that we found just this week on the street! All of them have dates to be baptized this month.

José Luís and Luís are great. We found José Luís on the street one day, walking slowly and kind of sad looking. We talked to him, and he gave us his address. When we went to visit him we learned that he had been walking home from the cemetery the day we talked to him. He walks to the cemetery and back every day, because his parents and sister is buried there. We began to teach the second lesson, the plan of salvation, thinking that it would be perfect for him. However, I had the distinct impression that we needed to teach the Restoration instead. We went with the prompting, and the lesson was great. Halfway through the lesson his son, Luís, with 13 years walked in, and joined us. He liked us a lot, and understood what we were teaching. We lanced what we call the 'convite suave', or smooth invite where we ask them if they receive and answer if they would follow it and be baptized. They accepted.  The next lesson we taught the first half of the second lesson with a member, António, who has just over a year in the church. António was Jehovah ’s Witness for 30 years, but after talking with the missionaries, searching out the Doctrine and Covenants online and reading the entire book in 1 week and then the Book of Mormon he was converted. Before the lesson we met with him and told him we wanted him to mark José Luís and Luís to be baptized on June 21st. The lesson was amazing, and they were marked for that day. Working with members is awesome. The next lesson Luís and I drew the plan of salvation. I will send a picture.

As for Iury and Abidulae, we marked both of them for the 28th of June in the first lesson with each of them. It was awesome. There is a story behind both of them also, but I am running out of time fast. 

This week we want to mark 4 more new investigators to be baptized. Pray for us!

I have been focusing a lot on consecration and becoming one in Christ through exact obedience and faith. The results have been incredible in the last couple transfers. I am really excited for this year. I testify that God always blesses us when we keep his commandments. ALL of his commandments. The law of consecration should be alive and in effect in our hearts!

Well, I love you all. I have to go. Thanks for all of the letters. It's weird thinking this week I will be 20. I will finish the mission before hitting 21. That is really scary. I think I will start talking with President Fluckiger about an extension now.

Love you!

Elder Lee

I did get some awesome jerseys this transfer

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