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Elder Anthony Scott Lee

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Week 9 Letter

Monday, July 15, 2013
Thanks for the letter dad! It really is cool but scary to wear the badge I do, but I only get to wear it once, so I’m giving it my all. Sometimes I feel like the language really holds me back, but then I remember elder Simon, and Elder Kilma, and how much good they did just with their awesome spirits, (and I like to think I speak better than they first did) and realize that the spirit will make up for what I can’t do if I am worthy of its help. I see miracles every day. We talk to everybody, and still don’t get to teach a lot of lessons, but it makes finding the lords elect so sweet. I miss the family a lot, I think about you all every day, but remember the stripling warriors and what they were called to do and how they did it.
I use the family all the time when we teach, the President told me to use my family picture every time I teach the plan of salvation. It really touches people.
Anyways, I still haven’t written a family letter, so I better hurry... yikes...
Love you Dad, you take care of that side of the world and I'll get this one!
I have been gone for two months today! It's weird, how have I gone this long without you all?
Little boys, Mom may have already told you, but this Island is basically the land from the Legend of Zelda. I kid you not! This is going to get really nerdy for you older kids but tanto faz; the little kids should like it. I went to a little town last night that was basically Kakariko village from the Legend of Zelda. Remember the very first game I played for you boys? Remember the little town where the sun is always setting, or its night, and there is a well, chickens, a windmill, and graveyard? The town I went to was just like that! And the sun was setting, so everything looked orangish, just like the game. I took pictures, but can’t upload them right now. It had houses, a path to death mountain, a graveyard, chickens, stray dogs, everything, I wish you were there with me! But yeah, this island has everything that the land in the legend of Zelda has, and looks a lot like it. Castles, fields, forests, the only volcano in the world that looks like death mountain because it is uncollapsed (I am going there today!), cobblestone streets, dogs, chickens, ocean, streams, and just small towns here and there. And just like Link we run around like crazy and talk to everybody trying to save the world!
Okay. Enough of that. We are teaching Mom, son, and daughter, and hopefully Josuê and Ruth will get baptized this Sunday. We know for sure Josuê will. He is awesome, but we aren’t 100 percent sure about Ruth. The mom will be baptized sometime too!
I found jet a wife, I will maybe get a picture. There are a lot of Africans here, a lot of Capo Verdians who are all really awesome. There are even more Africans on the continent. It is crazy awesome.
Anyways, we need to go catch a bus out to Praia now to go to the volcano, so I need to finish up. 
I love you all and hope you are having fun!
-Love Elder Lee

PS - I said you were clean because it is kind of dirty here. I mean, people only have a couple pairs of clothes, they don’t have washing machines usually, people just aren’t as clean =)

I am Great.   It is so awesome here... we walked through a small town last night that I am excited to upload pics of. It was seriously one of the most beautiful places on earth. PS, the boys will like this, I just figured out that this island is basically the land from the Legend of Zelda, kid you not. Complete with field, castles, small towns, a volcano, the only uncollapsed volcano in the world, cows, mangy dogs at night, chickens running around, cobblestone streets in the square, and more. Keep this email and read it to the boys, they will like it =)
We make 100 plus contacts a week and get in very few doors... but, I just had my first baptism yesterday, I baptized a kid named Joao Pedro. The sisters are actually the ones that taught him, but he told them he wanted me to baptize him, so that was cool. We should be baptizing a 13 year old kid named josue (joe sway) and his sister Ruth (here said more like root) Sunday. Stoked!!
Our zone covers just our island. 4 elders, 2 sisters. Our area is the biggest, it covers a lot of Angra, the 2nd biggest city in the Acores (still very small) and half of the island.

Just branches here, no ward no stake. I want to help make it a stake though. President Fluckiger wants a stake here too; he is focusing on one somewhere else in Portugal right now though. If I told him I could make a stake here he would keep me here for eight transfers. I might do that, I love it here... the language is still really tough though.

My companion is fluent.  He's been out a year. I’m learning, but it is really hard to understand the accent here in the Azores, because they don’t say half of what they are saying...
Hey, so I need to buy a new camera... yeah my old one is busted due to shock caused by gravity and a tile floor. They don’t have carpet here.
Do you remember how much you spent on my camera?
Let me do some research. Maybe you can help me during the week. I want at least 16 megapixels and 8 times zoom. That’s what my old one was.

 Here is my improved address by the way...
Rua Beato João Batista Machado
N. 15 ESQ
Angra, Terceira, Açores
Portugal 9700028

Have you looked at videos of the torados?   they release bulls in the street every day and let them attack people. It is fun.  This island basically has a 6 month party celebrating life. The churches shoot rockets and the city lets a bull attack people. It’s like a sporting event.

https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/images/cleardot.gifAlright, I need to get ready to go, tell all of the kiddos I said hey. Tell Cameron he is awesome I will write him next week.

I love you mom!

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