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Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 73 Letter

Monday, October 27, 2014


This week was awesome, and ended in a miracle. We baptized one of our investigators, Patrícia. She is a young single mom who has had a lot of struggles in life, but has an amazing potential. The entire time we have been teaching her we have really focused on how as a daughter of God she has an incredible potential, but that she needs to live up to it, or will surely fall short. 

The baptism was awesome. One of the daughters of the family we are teaching, the youngest, Tália, sang a special number with the sisters in our ward. They sang ''Lead kindly light'', but it was awesome, because Tália had never sung it before. She has a good voice, but didn't know the notes, and had only combined with the sisters to do in right before the baptism. So what they did was have Tália sing one line, totally improv, and then the sisters would sing a line normally. It was awesome, and so funny too that she was so willing to do that. They need to get baptized sooo bad!!!

P-day was super awesome today, because we got permission from President to drive to the other side of Lisbon, to my old area Cascais. It was so fun being back, but it made me homesick for all of my old areas XD  We went and did a lot of cool things, but then at the end 4 of the elders left, but Elder Wiscombe and I went to go try and find one of my recent converts from Cascais, named Bemvindo. I don't know if you remember him or not. Well, I had heard that he was struggling, so I went out to find him. We went to his house, but only his grandma was home. I was surprised to find that she remembered me because I didn't think she was ever really conscious of me while I was there... she is kind of spacey. She told me that Bemvindo had gone to get water. So, we left and I took us to a market that he used to always go too. When we walked in, I went first to look in the checkout lines, and saw from a far a kid who looked like it could have been him, but he had a hat on and I couldn't tell if it was him or not. However, he looked towards me, we made eye contact, his face got kind of confused for a second, and then he lit up with a huge smile, left his stuff and ran over and gave me a giant hug. It was so cool. We had almost no time, but we helped him carry his water home, the whole time just talking like back in the day. His mom is in the hospital to have twins, a boy and a girl. His little brother, Junior, the super funny one is doing well. Bemvindo will get a diploma from his course tomorrow. He also promised that he wouldn't miss church anymore. It was so good to see him. I took some pics with him, but I don't have my camera or much time this week.

Anyways, those are some highlights from the week. It sure was a good one. I hope you are all well and happy, living and spreading the gospel. I'm sure you are.

Love you all!

Élder Lee 

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