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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Week 72 Letter

Monday, Oct 20, 2014

How is everybody!? How is fall going? It's going pretty good here, we're still up in the 80's... it's pretty nice. This week was a fast one, and I sure enjoyed it. 

First off, we unfortunately were not able to baptize Aiman, Giane, or T├ília as was planned. The dad came into town this week and didn't let us pass by while he was there. I still don't even know where he is at with all of this because we weren't able to talk to him. He sounds like he is being somewhat reasonable still. Or he at least didn't just cut us off. However, now we can only meet with them one time a week, and he talked to Indira and told her that they should all wait before being baptized. Wait until what? I don't know. I just wish we could have talked to him so that we good explain things well, because people always assume that what we do as missionaries is worse than it is... So it was pretty sad. We had fasted for them and prayed for them to be baptized on that date, because we felt like that really was the day Heavenly Father wanted them to be baptized. However, Heavenly Father knows what is going on, so we will just trust in Him and continue fighting for the salvation of this fantastic family. 

Outside of the family we have a lot of people who are close to getting on the fast track to baptism. I feel like that has been the challenge this transfer. Getting people who are almost progressing and would make really great progressing investigators to actually start that progression. 

This week is a big one. We need to see milagres, or we definitely won't reach the goals we made for the month. I don't like not reaching goals, but I guess they are there mostly just to make us do everything we can to achieve them, which we are doing. And the month still isn't over yet, so we still have time. 

Today was fun. We went bowling as a district. Here in Lisbon there is a giant shopping center called 'Colombo', and they have a bowling alley there, so we went. We were the only ones there. For my companion and Elder Cardoso it was the first time bowling. It was pretty funny XD but they did well.

Well, I don't have much time left. I sure love you all. I know the Lord loves you all too. Keep going, and wherever you are and whatever you are doing, strive to be an effective instrument in the Lord's hands!

With love,

Elder Lee

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