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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Week 50 Letter

Monday, May 12, 2014

Man, it was so fun to hear all of your grown up voices yesterday! You are all so cool! Cameron, you sound like the guy who does all state insurance commercials your voice is so deep! Hahaha

I had a great week. We didn't hit our goals this week, we came close though. It was pretty good considering we lost 3 days of work while we were in Porto for Zone Conference and hospital visits for Elder Alves. Elder Alves is doing well though; it looks like he has some form of Epilepsy, or however it is spelt. He doesn't have full on seizures, but it causes him to lose motion in the left side of his body for a few seconds several times a day. They have him on a medication now, and it is already happening much less. We will return to the hospital again next week, but hopefully it will be the last time.

Yesterday was awesome. We had a miraculous 4 people in church. It wasn't the number that was a miracle, rather the people who were there. We had been praying all week that we could get people in church, and we had a good number committed to come. When we didn't see our committed people showing up on Sunday, we started getting a bit disappointed. However, just before we entered the hotel to start the meeting, Rosa Maria arrived, and had brought her sister with her, who seems super awesome. What a blessing Rosa Maria has been! After that, a man who our leader of the group, Zé, had invited showed up as well. After that a man who had been to church a couple of times showed up. We wanted to invite him during the week, but we couldn't find him. He came without even being invited. Last, an investigator named Pedro Alves who we had committed to church came hobbling around the corner. He was in a terrible accident year’s back, and now has very little control of his body. He has to walk with a cane, and as he walks his body sways from one side to the other, very out of balance. He had walked all the way from up the hill down to the hotel to come to church. What miracles!

I spoke in church again yesterday. I think it was the best talk I have ever given, mostly because of the fact that I didn't really give it. I mean, I was the one saying the words, but the spirit was filling my mouth with the right words to say. I spoke on Charity. I hadn't even planned to speak on charity, but when I got up and stood in front of our little congregation, I couldn't speak about anything else. The Spirit led me. It was awesome. I love feeling the spirit like that. I could tell by the faces of the investigators and members that this was exactly what they needed to hear. There was a high councilor that was supposed to come and speak, but he couldn't make it, so we were left with only me as a speaker. Zé told me to speak but if I didn't use the whole time he would have Elder Alves speak. I spoke the entire time, without even realizing it. I thought I had spoken 10 or fifteen minutes, leaving plenty of time for Elder Alves, but when I sat down, it was already time to end. It was so cool. The Lord is so aware of our needs, and I am thankful to be an instrument in his hands to help bring his messages to these people.  

Well, this week should be a good one. We are going to start teaching Rosa Maria's sister hopefully, so pray for her. Her name is Maria do Carmo.

Tonight I am going to make pancakes for a Family home evening dinner in the house of Zé, so wish me luck with that...

I love you all so much. Thank you for your prayers and support. You are the best!


Elder Lee

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