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Friday, April 18, 2014

Week 46 Letter

Monday, April 14, 2014


How is everybody doing? Are you all sad now that the sun is coming out...? Hahaha, didn't think so. Neither am I! We have had some seriously hot days here this week, it has been great. Today is a bit cloudy though.

 Well, I should get to business. Today was a great week to end the transfer with. A lot happened. To start off with, we are teaching a woman named Rosa Maria who accepted a baptismal date, April 25th just a few days ago. After accepting the date, she went home and started reading the pamphlet we gave her of the restoration, and the Book of Mormon. She prayed about the book of Mormon, and received an incredible answer. She now is certain that all of this is true, and will start preparing to be baptized on the 25th. She still needs to be taught several lessons, so pray for her, especially concerning the word of wisdom. I don't think she smokes, which is a miracle here in Portugal, but there is a good chance she drinks wine, as Regua is a town that only exists because of the wine industry. These people like their wine. 

 Sunday we had an awesome sacrament meeting. For the first time in 6 weeks I didn't give a talk, but I did have the chance to bear my testimony. We also had some visitors from the stake who bore their testimonies on the temple as they had just finished a trip to the temple in Madrid. It really made me miss the temple.

 After sacrament meeting yesterday(which is the 2nd and last hour of church) our recent convert Ricardo received the Aaronic priesthood. In his blessing president included a blessing that he would have the desire to serve a mission. I know that he is already planning on it, however he still has 2 years of school left. He wants to do a mini mission of 6 weeks over the summer, which is an option for him. He can do that, and then after school serve a full time mission. What an awesome experience I have had with Ricardo!

 Also, we were able to have a lesson with a young Brazilian man who we had been trying to get a hold of for a long time. His name is Artur. When we first contacted him at the door, he told us he used to believe in God but that he is now Atheist. During the lesson the Spirit made it clear to me that he really does believe in God, but he just doesn't know God well enough to know the right way to believe in him. He has real desire, and his prayer at the end of the lesson was one of the most sincere I have heard yet. He will read and pray, and hopefully when we call him either tonight or tomorrow he will have received an answer. Please pray that he can receive and recognize the answer.

Well, that was my week, or at least a tiny glance into my week. We got transfer calls last night and both Elder Alves and I will be here another 6 weeks, which was a relief to hear.

love you all. Have an awesome week. Have a great Easter! Remember the Savior and everything he did for us, including living again, breaking the bands of death that once bound his people. I love him with all my heart.

Love you all,
Elder Lee

Hey mom!
Okay, in response to the onslaught of questions... deep breath... jump!

I have only seen one session I won’t be able to read it for a few months but my companion will try to download some of the talks on his MP3 player

the 3 amigos are great. Ricardo received the Aaronic priesthood yesterday and the others will follow when they get back from Lisboa.

Other investigators are great. Eufragio is on holiday in Lisboa as well, but we will get on him when he gets back. We are teaching a woman named Rosa Maria who we marked for baptism on the 25th of April. Kaching! Also, we taught a lesson to a young man (another potential Melch Priesthood holder) that went amazingly. The spirit was burning like a fire and I think despite the fact that he says he is atheist that he will be baptized soon.

The 3 amigos will receive the Melch priesthood when they are ready. Because the stake wants this group to be a branch it could be in just a couple months. I might be here to see it.

Happily I didn’t get transferred. We both stayed.

Haven’t gotten another card yet but they don't send mail on sat or sun so I might get it today.

GASP! deep breaths...

Love you!

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