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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Week 1 Letter

Oi e oi e oi
Famlee what is going on???
The MTC is crazy it is like the Men in Black headquarters! Everybody wearing suits everybody speaking weird languages and I am the Will Smith of this place!!!! hahaha, no not really, my eyes are not that far apart... Insane, I wrote you guys a letter I will send your way today, so I will try to say different things. It is muito crazy here. Cam, everything you think you know about the MTC...
It is all lies!
It is way different than I imagined it at least, way better! I love it here. I have the best companion and the best District. It is tough stuff but nobody in my district cares because we are all hard workers and are learning so much together. Portugues is not easy, but we just committed out investigator to baptism. I am pretty sure all of the 1st investigators get baptized, but we were the first to get it done! It was awesome. Our teacher, Brother Taylor, maybe I will get a pic, taught us about how we needed to show the Lord our trust and our investigator our courage, so Elder Kennedy and I decided to do our lesson without any notes...! I could not tell you more than 3 setnences in Portugues right now, but in that lesson we were understanding almost everything and got an awesome message across. The other 2 lessons we taught were rough, and we had tons of notes to go off and books with common missionary phrases and stuff, but this one was awesome. \
Ahh, 2 minutes left, here we go...
Okay so it is awesome, the language is stuff but I am making slow progress (as soon as i left the lesson with Vander I couldnt understand anything anymore...) and my testimony is growing.
Much love family I will email you soon!!!!!!!!
Kisses Mom and Jet!
Elder Lee

Showing Mom he's brushing! :)

His Companion

His district - He is the district leader

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